Better Homes & Gardens: Feb 14

This week on Better Homes & Gardens Dr Harry meets up with wildlife workers caring for sick and injured koalas.

Johanna + Charlie – Getting To Know You
Charlie is one of Australia’s most prominent landscape designer and also one of the brand-new faces on Better Homes and Gardens in 2020. This week, Johanna is visiting Charlie’s home-away-from home, on the central coast of NSW. She’ll be checking out the picturesque country home he shares with his wife and two sons, finding out how he spends his downtime and, of course, taking a sneak peek at his gorgeous garden.

Harry – Wildlife Warriors – NSW Bushfires (Taree)
This summer’s devastating bushfires have had a disastrous impact on our native wildlife, with more than one billion animals estimated to have lost their lives in the crisis. Koalas have been amongst the hardest hit, with thousands perishing and their homes and habitat destroyed. Dr Harry is meeting up with some of the wildlife workers who are caring for our sick and injured koalas. These workers are true Aussie heroes, and Dr Harry is finding out about their very important work to help save this much-loved species.

James + Johanna – The Automated Home
Imagine an inner-city apartment block with technology so advanced, your house keys have been replaced by a biometric fingerprint scan. There’s a home automation system that can do everything from dim your lights to water your plants, electric vehicle charging and a way to easily monitor your personal energy usage. Plus, there are solar panels, hydronic in-slab heating, edible gardens and even a rooftop cinema. It may sound like a home from the future, but this is a real apartment block in Sydney. Johanna is teaming up with our new technology presenter, James Tobin, to check it out and to find out all about how automated home technology is set to change the way we live our lives.

Adam – The Easiest Storage On Record
A few years ago, vinyl records seemed close to extinction. But what goes around comes around and vinyls are now spinning again on record players everywhere. To celebrate their resurgence, Adam’s making a sleek and simple storage unit, perfect for stacking away your LP’s until you’re ready to drop the needle.

Karen – Summer Ratatouille With Black Pepper Beef Kebabs
Karen’s turning a classic French summer stew into the perfect Aussie barbecue food. Originally from the south of France, ratatouille is a flavourful slow-roasted braise made with the best end-of-summer produce – like tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini and capsicum. Karen’s using it as the flavour inspiration for some zesty beef kebabs and the results are as healthy as they are tasty.

Fast Ed – Recipe Road Trip – NSW North Coast
Fast Ed’s continuing his stunning road trip along New South Wales’ Barrington Coast region. This week, he’s visiting a small country school doing big things for the environment. Bungwahl Primary School runs a kitchen garden producing ingredients that are then used in the school canteen to create healthy lunches – and the school has even won an award from the UN for its efforts! Next stop: a small local buffalo farm that produces the tastiest mozzarella. Along the way Ed will be cooking up a storm, making some Roasted Carrot Bread and Cheese & Egg Bread. Road tripping has never been so delicious.

Melissa – Indoor Plant Designer Look
Indoor plants are a huge trend right now, but did you know they’re also great for your mind, body and soul? Better Homes and Gardens’ new gardening presenter, horticulturalist Melissa King, is showing us how to bring the outside in. Whether you’ve got a lot of space or just a little, there are so many ways to style a room using plants – and get a little green therapy at the same time.

Tara – Fiesta Siesta
To celebrate the last of the warmer weather, Tara’s transforming a forgotten deck into a riot of colour without spending a lot of money, time or effort. Tara’s inspiration? The fiestas of Mexico. And whether you’re dying to host a fiesta and impress your friends, or just need a great space for a solo weekend siesta, these achievable projects will inspire you to get creative when it comes to colour.

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