Big Brother house nearing completion

Filming on Big Brother is expected to start in March with construction on the new house appearing to near completion.

Fan site Behind Big Brother has posted more photos on the site on Manly’s North Head. You can check out more.


  1. This sounds like the same format as BBUS and BBCan.
    I’ll be watching (Nothing can beat BBUK – No censorship (Nudity and Language))
    Shame BBAU is too anal to follow in BBUK’s footsteps

    As for Host …….. Get Emma Willis!!!!!

  2. I’m scared it will be a flop the this site will be vacant.
    If no live element I can’t see how it will work maybe like us celeb bb that was on go awhile back. I watched but missed live interactions.
    I don’t think seven will listen to the viewers, they rarely do.
    Still I will watch it as I love bb.

  3. Taking the viewers and success for granted could backfire. It’s better to listen to what the fans want than to read the negative feedback after if the show falls flat.

    When there’s no live element, it could end up being heavily edited for drama and it would take away from the purpose of group psychology and group dynamics and a social experiment. I’m hoping the show will include intelligent psychological analysis and not just a gathering of mindless drama and silliness.

    • I’m expecting heavily edited MAFS style, they’ve seen the success there so no doubt will want some of that, that would be terrible though, then on the opposite end of the yard the heavily sanitised version ch9 screened which was a borefrst as they weren’t being themselves trying to go family friendly.

  4. I’m looking forward to this series, however, I’m very scared that this series will flop!

    Non-live BB isn’t going to work! BB must always be a ‘live’ show!

  5. eye spy with my little eye something starting with a M? Sorry 7 but it’s a miss for me..
    I never really watched BB after 10 had it and I don’t really seeing it doing well at 7 either – well I’ll consider watching it if they have rather interesting personalities come into the house and not just people who in it just for 15 minute fame. 10 had some pretty memorable people e.g Sara-Marie..

  6. What a shame I’m predicting a flop.
    Seven have been so poor at letting fans know and catering to true fans needs when it comes to this new version… never upset the core fans. That’s entertainment 101.

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