Changes coming to Logie Awards

This could be the biggest change to the Logie Awards in years….

There is speculation today about change coming to the Gold Logie voting (Tom Gleeson, we blame you!).

Showbiz reporter Peter Ford today told 3AW listeners, “There’s a lot of industry buzz about a pretty major change to the Gold Logie voting this year. I think this is to try and compensate for the role that social media has started to play in the outcome.”

He continued, “The talk is that that as of this year the networks will each put forward two people of their choosing, who will be their representatives and chances to win the Gold Logie, including Foxtel and SBS.

“Everyone puts two people forward, based on that the public then vote. So can you imagine the internal politicking that is going to go on within the networks between the on air talent to be the chosen one, the one with a golden ticket?”

Traditionally the Gold Logie has been a shortlist of Most Popular Actor / Actress / Presenter from the longer candidate list, which has been put forward by networks for consideration. Last year that was about 90 per category.

But in recent years there has been much criticism around campaigning and social media, not just with Tom Gleeson’s win, but stretching back to those for Hamish Blake, Karl Stefanovic, Scott Cam and Carrie Bickmore.

TV Week is understood to be making 2020 announcements soon.


  1. Terrible new rule because I don’t trust the networks putting up who should win. Having said that I can’t believe actors have ever been in contention for the gold Logies, actors are not personalities. (Sure they have a personality as themselves but that’s not that we know them as) And the gold Logie is supposed to be for personalities!! Meaning presenters.

  2. Social media buzz can be construed as “most popular” however access to promotion on social media is driven by money. It can be equated to the need for a salary cap for sports teams, otherwise the one with the most money wins.

    I agree with the option to change the Gold to peer voted, as long as they have a long list of “popular” to choose from. The award would lose its meaning for the general population if it was awarded to an unknown (but brilliant) talent.

  3. harrypotter1994

    Not sure I agree with this rule. Roger Corser as an example has been regularly nominated for Gold Logies in recent years.

    Now networks in this case Channel 9 can decide that the show is in its fourth season and not nominate him in favour of someone from a newer show say Ella Scott Lynch (Lawyer X).

  4. A shortliat of 2 people per station for the Gold? Terrible decision, if true.

    If the public are willing to vote for these stars, then whats the issue. We all have different tadtes, and arent going to like all the nominees every year.

    Maybe have main presenters and actors/actresses eligible for the Gold (and no to weathermen being up for the Gold? Sorry Sam Mac)

  5. The Gold Logie should be industry chosen as per the Most Outstanding categories. Have the rest remain public voted, but as the Gold is the most “prestigious” of the bunch, let it be chosen on merit of the work, and less likely to be overrun by “wacky” comedians out for s***s and giggles.

  6. This sounds awful, at the end of the day it is most “popular” so if you can use social media to win you’re clearly popular.

    That being said, Maybe it;s time it became most outstanding personality and is voted for by the industry and not the viewer. Or maybe allow the public to vote for their favourites but then get the industry to choose a winner.

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