Crime tops doco streaming in Australia

Crime is the most popular documentary genre amongst iwonder streaming subscribers.

New data results from the documentary streaming platform show trends from city to city.

Overall the top five most in-demand factual and documentaries, in order, are:

1. Crime
2. Social Issues
3. Environment
4. Adventure
5. History

While Crime and Social Issues content are the most and second-most viewed categories across each of Australia’s top four most active cities, Sydneysiders’ demand for Environment and Adventure-orientated documentaries exceeded demand anywhere else, with 7.8% and 7.7% of all viewing.

Brisbane-based users expressed the strongest desire for Science (8.1%) and History (6.5%) content, while Melburnians were most drawn to Biography (6.9%) and Politics (6.3%) documentaries.

iwonder subscribers in Perth dominated viewership of Crime and Social Issues content more than any other area in Australia, with 28.3% of all docos viewed here drawn from the Crime category, along with 16.3% from Social Issues.

Data shows 10:34pm to be the peak time for on-demand documentary viewing in Australia.

But there were also other variations in weeknights from city to city.

Nationwide and in Sydney, more documentary content is watched on a Thursday than any other day of the week, though that differs widely across the country, with viewers in Brisbane flocking to docs most on a Sunday, with Fridays preferred by Melbournians and Saturdays by people in Perth.

iwonder Head of Insights, Mark Bridges, says: “While Australians’ demand for knowledge is loud and clear, exactly what users seek out seems to vary significantly, influenced by factors as much to do with their own experience of the world as events that take place nationally and globally.

“As well as helping viewers in Australia to learn something more about the world around them, at iwonder we’re also learning a huge amount about viewers’ relationships with the documentaries and factual entertainment we source for them. As we grow our catalogue of award-winning content from all over the world, we’ll be listening to what Australians tell us about the real-life stories that matter to them most, with the learnings from the Doco Streaming Study set to play an important part in that journey in 2020 and beyond.”

iwonder did not reveal its sample size.

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