Crowd-pleasing concert gives Seven a Sunday win

Ratings: Viewers stick with must-see concert to the very end, as Seven dominates across the day.

Fire Fight Australia has given Seven a win on Sunday, with the concert drawing big crowds across its marathon broadcast.

Coded into separate sections the Late portion drew the biggest audience at 1.01m viewers followed by early primetime at 953,000. During the afternoon it averaged 828,000 with 543,00 for the early afternoon. Even the multichannel audience at 6pm drew 284,000.

The biggest crowds were also in Melbourne despite the concert being staged in Sydney.

Married at First Sight still won its slot at 1.1m viewers for Nine and led the demos. While it appears impenetrable to Seven’s concert, the likelihood is the first ‘Commitment Ceremony’ might have otherwise been higher.

Against such artillery, Dancing with the Stars was down at 348,000/ 327,000 trailing Grand Designs at 510,000 on ABC.

Seven network won Sunday with 38.0% then Nine 30.8%, ABC 14.0%, 10 11.7% and SBS 5.5%.

Seven News drew 979,000 defeating Nine News on 855,000. 60 Minutes pulled a decent 772,000 for Nine.

ABC News was 665,000 with Midsomer Murders at 491,000.

The Sunday Project drew 280,000 / 176,000 for 10 then 10 News First (219,000), The Graham Norton Show (125,000) and Bondi Rescue (107,000).

On SBS it was SBS World News (148,000), Australia in Colour (131,000). Later The Dirty War on the NHS drew 84,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 16 February 2020

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  1. The concert was awesome! Well done to everyone involved.

    Only thing I’d do differently is bump the news to the multichannel. Wouldn’t hurt for it to happen one day of the year.

  2. Watched the Concert on Foxtel’s Fox8 Channel, it was an Amazing Coverage.! Didn’t even bother on Ch 7, always hopeless..
    I do think Jessica Mauboy, Guy Sebastian and Delta Goodrem should of been on later at Primetime. They are the most very well known Australians together with John Farnham and Olivia Newton-John.

    1. Come on, let’s do better than fake news. It doesn’t take much search to see that Funds from the FRRR Fire Fight Fund go to hundreds of rural, regional and remote communities across Australia. I provided links in earlier stories. You are confusing her Facebook campaign, which is discussing legalities, with Sunday’s concert.

  3. After I got over my channel 7 hate fest I loved loved loved the concert. Every act seemed to really put their all into their acts. Best for me was Queen and Adam Lambert off course and Alice Cooper. His whole band really got into it. What a great crowd too. Wishing I was there to bop away! Couldn’t understand why Kochie and Sam were dressed up as if they were going to a ball instead of a rock concert. Very much overdressed!

  4. I wonder what the impact would have been if 7 donated revenue from ad space during the concert yesterday? In hindsight, maybe the total raised could have cracked the $10m mark on the night

    1. 5SOS are the most successful Australian band of the last decade. They are exactly what the kids awake at that time would be wanting to see. I thought the programming was very well done. Who would you have suggested for that slot?

  5. The concert was very well put together, kept to the advertised times and finished on time – very rare for live tv event.
    Clever scheduling to have Amy Shark & 5 Seconds of Summer in the early clash with MAFS – would have appealed to younger demo, but may have lost some older viewers not as familiar with those acts.
    Massive draw card of Queen after 8pm to get viewers over at height of MAFS and DWS episodes.
    Great feel good event, and big money raiser!
    Well done to all involved.

  6. I watched all of concert after 7pm and it was fantastic. During the breaks i caught up with the performances i missed in the afternoon on Facebook and Twitter via the 7 social media channels. The Tina Arena cover of The Diviynls was the highlight for me.

  7. Music, like food, is very much to ones own taste. For me it was a pretty average line up apart from 2-3 notable exceptions. However what really put me off was the horrible sound quality coming through the TV. I checked both my TVs and it was equally echoey.

    1. So it wasn’t just me having sound issues. I’ll admit I didn’t watch the entire event but when I was catching some acts the sound quality was poor. A work colleague informed me today some friends attended the concert and said the sound quality was equally bad. I’m unable to verify this of course.

  8. I honestly can’t believe that that many people would rather watch trash tv over an incredible concert. Makes me start doubting people as a whole but also makes you ask who are these people in homes where data is collected. Like for one night you can watch on replay your trash tv.

  9. I can’t believe that 1.1 million people thought that watching trash is better than that epic concert. It must seriously be like a drug to some people. I would have thought that such a special event like FireFight would be the one thing to bring down the pile of turd that is MAFS but still not. Back in the day, nothing would have come even close to beating such a concert broadcast like this. Yet reality crap seems to always win still…

      1. I agree about the lineup. Was very bland. I barely watched any of the concert. Channel 7 were billing it as “the greatest concert of all time”. Yeah nah, didn’t they watch Sound Relief or Mushroom 25 Live. The only acts I was interested in were Amy Shark and Icehouse. Didn’t watch MAFS either though. I watched 3 episodes of You.

      2. I agree, most of the acts didn’t appeal to me either. That being said I was still curious about how the concert was going, but generally when I switched over to watch all I saw were people commentating on the concert, or some story which related to the fires. I barely saw anyone playing on stage. Perhaps my timing was bad.

        1. Yes it was. I thought there was much more music and concert than interviews!! And I did watch the whole 10 hours 🙂

          Seeing all the comments here, it’s still such a mystery how that MAFS number is consistently so high. I’m sure there must be some foul play here by Nine, trying to keep the show alive. Something Seven would never consider, even despite the woeful MKR numbers.

    1. There are probably very few that sat through the whole 10 years, and the fact that it was only 284k watched the 6-7pm slot shows that. I imagine a lot of the MAFS viewers watched the remainder of the concert after MAFS finished.

    2. Such a shame so many people watch MAFS, it’s such a negative show that has no spirit. How could be decide to watch reality trash over a wonderful Aussie concert for those who have done it tough. Coming together with the Australian Spirit. MAFS needs to be Axed.

      1. I just couldnt believe why the MAFS was on TV. Didn’t watch MAFS last night (as I had guests coming over) but when I looked @ the ratings,the show was ranked #1 though, 7 won the night thanks to the Concert. I felt that MAFS drags on with arguments and may contain couples that cheat. Even in a survey, many people put down MAFS as the worst show of 2019.

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