Dear Angie, I’m confused…..

I’ve really enjoyed Angie Kent’s appearances on Television, particularly in Gogglebox, but I find myself confused over comments made on social media this week.

To set the scene…

Goggleboxers this week watched Dancing with the Stars, in which Angie happened to be eliminated from the show.

It was Di who said, “(She was on) Gogglebox, then went to the jungle, then she became The Bachelorette, and now she’s a dancing star… spare me.”

She added, “She’s no dancer, that’s for sure” before saying a Judge who scored 7 must be “blind.”

But Angie took to Twitter thereafter.

What confuses me most is that Gogglebox is known for its blunt comments from the couch. That’s something Angie & Yvie did brilliantly during their time on the show…. including referring to Dave Hughes’ looks or tweeting that Justin Lacko was #clearlygay. And that’s just for starters….

But both became much loved for telling it like it is, which is all I feel Di has done in her own way here.

The second thing that confuses me is that Di’s comments are robust, sure… but do they constitute bullying?

Bullying is what goes on in schoolyards and workplaces cross Australia. It’s very real to those on the receiving end (which is not to say Angie wouldn’t have had her share online).

She mentions it’s the third time the show has been critical. But it’s not all critical. It’s been a range of positive / negative commentary from the couch, and producers will always include the most caustic stuff.

Perhaps something is lost in translation, and hopefully at some point we can sit down and talk it over.

As I see it, if you’re working in Entertainment you’re pretty much fair game for Gogglebox. That’s the show.

10 has been contacted for comment.

ps. really wanted an Angie & Yvie review of Pooch Perfect!


  1. All she was saying was what a lot of people are: that’s a lot of reality TV shows to appear in, in quick succession. If you’re going to be a “star/celebrity” be prepared for not everyone to love what you do or express the fact they think you’re overexposed.

  2. I’m not saying everyone’s version of bullying is not their own nightmare. But perhaps she should live a day in the shoes of a young gay, lesbian or transgender person who’s every day is a living nightmare of bullying.

  3. Which one is Di, the blond lade or dark haired one?

    I cringe every time I hear Family referred to as Fam. As Aussies we abbrieviate a lot of words, but Family was never one of them. It just sounds decidedly…

  4. Good on Angie for leveraging Gogglebox and doing I’m a Celeb. Then why not, use that and Gogglebox as an opportunity to something once in a lifetime like Bachelorette. However, to do another reality show in quick succession! Perhaps, she just followed the bouncy-ball, but the optics don’t look great. Perhaps she should have waited a couple of years before entering the reality TV jungle. And as mentioned here, there seems to be a double standard at play by criticising Di.

  5. Di also comes across that she’s got a bit of a grudge/ sour puss she was born in the wrong generation and doesn’t have the same opportunities presented to her as Angie ..

  6. I thought she was referring the bullying to what she was receiving on social media. But if she was referring to Di then no that isn’t bullying.

    Di didn’t say anything wrong. Unfortunately not everyone in life is going to like you or agree with what you are doing.

    It was Matty that said you watch she will appear on masterchef next. I thought he had more of a go at her and it wasn’t that bad.

  7. I realize that 10 doesn’t have many “stars” but does Angie have to be on everything?
    She’ll probably be the weather girl next but, please, you’ve had your 15 minutes.

  8. It squarely fits in the realm of “Judge not lest ye be judged”.
    It is amusing that the caustic opinions and critical comments from the couch are rightly viewed as factual, funny and entertaining, yet if Joe Blow was to say the same thing on their social media page he is labelled a troll.

  9. I have to agree with you David.

    For one Di, has always been quite blunt! It’s not like all of a sudden she “turned” on Angie. And all of what was said was true. Di listed off the reality tv shows Angie have appeared on and then commented on her dancing on well Dancing with the Stars.

    None of that is bullying. Maybe it hurts your feelings, but you move on.

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