Fetch TV sends 1000 NSW RFS volunteers to concert

Fetch TV has bought 1,000 tickets for NSW Rural Fire Service volunteers to attend Sunday’s Fire Fight Australia concert for free.

The $100,000 proceeds from the ticket purchase will go to organisations providing vital support services.

Tickets have been distributed by the NSW Rural Fire Service to volunteers and their families. Attendees will be seated together to enjoy a great view of the concert.

Scott Lorson, CEO of Fetch TV said: “Fetch TV is proud to support the Fire Fight Australia concert, and delighted to recognise the amazing efforts of our RFS heroes. The funds raised will help support impacted communities on the long road ahead. We hope that the RFS team and their families are able to relax and enjoy a great show.”

“We would also like to thank TEG Dainty, TEG Live, and the talented artists for putting on this amazing event. Aussie spirit at its best.”

Geoff Jones, CEO of Ticketek said: “Fire Fight Australia is going to be a great event, one that will go down in Australian music history. We are delighted that Fetch TV has made it possible for so many NSW RFS volunteers and their families to enjoy the show. The Concert is about raising funds for the relief efforts and thanking those who helped through one of the most challenging times in our nation’s recent history. Fetch’s generous contribution does both.”

Anthony Clark, Director Corporate Communications at the NSW RFS said “This bushfire season has been the most challenging in our history – in terms of impact on the community, loss of life and fire conditions. There’s been an incredible response from emergency services and firefighters from all over Australia and further abroad, but it’s great to recognise some of those volunteers who have worked so hard simply because of a desire to protect their own community. Many of our volunteers have been working on fires since August last year – so thanks to Fetch TV and TEG, this will give some of them a much needed break and some time with their families”.

Fetch will screen Seven’s broadcast of the concert at 1pm Sunday.

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