Fire Fight Australia: guide

Sunday’s sold out Fire Fight Australia concert is set to be a massive event, raising monies for those affected by bushfires.

It gets underway at 1pm AEDT and screens on both Seven and Foxtel -the latter will be Live all around the country.


ANZ Stadium, Sydney.


Celeste Barber



Live 1pm AEDT on 7Plus in All States.

1pm on Seven in All States. Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies host
6pm on 7TWO in All States. (from 5pm David Koch and Samantha Armytage. Backstage: Sonia Kruger and Sam Mac.)
7pm on Seven in All States.


Live & ad free on FOX8, [V] and Foxtel Ultra HD channel 400. Streaming Live on Foxtel Now and Foxtel GO.

12pm Pre show Hosted by Peter Stefanovic and Laura Jayes.
1pm Live & ad free. Hosted by Rove McManus, Matt Shirvington, Deborah Hutton, Jason Dundas and Hannah Hollis.

Live sites:

Club Narooma on the far south coast of NSW. Hosted by Mel McLaughlin (Seven)
Sarsfield Recreation Reserve in eastern Victoria (Seven)
Fabrik, Mill Square, Lobethal, South Australia (Seven).
Federation Square, Melbourne (Foxtel). Hosted by Eddie McGuire, Shaynna Blaze.


Donations will go to the Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal’s Fire Fight Fund.


  1. I’m in Melbourne, so it is live on Seven. The highlights so far are Queen and Adam Lambert (especially “We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions” and Alice Cooper (“School’s Out” triggered memories of an episode of The Simpsons when Bart had a dream of trashing Springfield Elementary School, but it was a dream of Bart’s).

  2. Sorry for carrying on but Just one last query on 7plus. My 7plus only shows the program live in the same time as the show is on normal station Qld time?? So unless I am wrong I have to install Foxtel to see the show in actual real l live time? Vent over !!

  3. What a awesome line-up of great Aussie and international talent! Wait someone is missing, where’s Tones and I? I’m very surprised the Dance Monkey singer isn’t included.

  4. Don’t know if this has been mentioned before, but can someone tell me why for such a “big event”, they couldn’t have moved the news to 7 two for the night.
    Surely people that want to watch the news are intelligent enough to know how to change channels

  5. thanks for posting this. Good to see the times of when the great acts are performing (yes, I know that times may change, seen on the fine print).

    I do wonder how many segments Seven are going to code the event for the tv ratings….

      • It actually worked out ok, Ronan Keating sang 1st song on 7 before the switch, Tina Arena and Alice Cooper were in full on 7TWO
        7 Never move the news to a multi channel, 10 does it all the time for motorsport or horse racing (play 10 news on Bold) nut never seen any other network do it

  6. Jᴏʜɴɴʏ 1ᴘ5

    So basically 10 minutes into Tina Arena’s set they’re going to switch to the News and move to 7TWO and with 5 minutes to go on Alice Cooper’s set switch back to 7. I know by changing channels you likely only miss a second or so of a song or chat to the audience, however still be better moving people to 7TWO just before Tina Arena starts and back to 7 when Alice Cooper finishes (start the News at 5:45pm and end it at 7:05pm)

  7. battlestargalactica

    Good luck to all involved. It’s an unusual event in that the Queen concert tonight has restricted broadcast access to the venue until 2am Sunday morning. There’ll be people working round the clock to get all the broadcast facilities up and running in time. Highly unusual to be bumping in so close to show time on event of this size.

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