Former MKR villains the latest to spill on Seven show

2018 My Kitchen Rules contestants Sonya Mefaddi and Hadil Faiza are the latest to take aim at the beleaguered Seven series.

Both were controversially kicked off the show following an off-air incident at a hotel in Tasmania.

They had been depicted as villains providing plenty of on-air conflict across the dinner table before it culminated in a ground-breaking dismissal.

Now Mefaddi tells News Corp they were placed into lockdown for two days before Channel 7 axed them.

She also wrote to judges Pete Evans and Manu Feildel at the time, and has now divulged their replies to  media. Both were supportive in reply.

“Pete and I were also upset in the way you guys left the show,” Feildel’s email read.

“We don’t know the real facts but we had to follow the orders of Channel 7’s executive decision. The sad thing is we do believe you could have won this competition.”

Pete Evans wrote, “I only have good memories of you being a part of the competition and thanks for all the delicious good and for teaching me about Jordanian food that you are so proud of. Keep shining brightly!!”

At the time Seven said of the pair, “Last night’s episode of My Kitchen Rules dealt with an unprecedented level of continued personal attacks and threats by one team against other teams.

“Despite a number of constructive conversations and second chances, this team continued to bully and attack other teams.

“This level of behaviour does not fit within the agreed workplace values of Channel Seven.

“Everyone, anywhere and at all times must feel safe and supported in their work place. This is a fundamental understanding and agreement by each and every Seven employee.”

Sonya Mefaddi now adds, “I signed up to be part of a cooking show and what I was a part of was just a show where producers were heartless. They don’t care about people’s feelings as long as they have drama and another series to work on and make money off.

“It took up a year to two years of my life and it wasn’t worth it.”


  1. I can’t believe that this many years in contestants are constantly surprised at how they are portrayed on a reality series where there are cameras constantly in your face.

    Don’t give the producers anything that can be used negatively against you. Don’t go on a ‘cooking’ show where the main ingredient has always been drama.

    Just hope that there was professional counselling available to them.

    If we start to boycott these typ es of shows then they will lose their appeal to the ‘15 minutes of famers’

  2. Was this the episode that was promoted to death for about 6 months before finally airing after the Gold Coast Comm Games in 2018?

    “This behaviour is unacceptable, you’re excused from the table” (just one of the limes I remember).

    The episode did rate its socks off I recall, about 1.6m metro, but the rest of the reason has been flailing and Married At First Sight beat it for the first time towards the end of both runs.

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