Hans gets loud on America’s Got Talent


German / Aussie entertainer Hans returned to America’s Got Talent this week for his Final performance, with a show-stopping rendition of JLo’s Let’s Get Loud.

While he had the crowd on their feet, his love / hate affair with Simon Cowell went another round.

The winner will be announced next week.

America’s Got Talent airs 7:30pm Saturdays on FOX8.


  1. It leaves me puzzled why large numbers of people find Hans the German funny or entertaining. Is there an ironic slant I’m missing? I’ve seen him interviewed several times and he seems to be trying to emulate Julian Clary but is rather flat and boring.

  2. >> German / Aussie entertainer

    Let’s be clear – apart from the stage persona and the terrible accent, there is nothing German about Matt Gilbertson.

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