Heston out of MasterChef 2020

There are reports Heston Blumenthal has been “booted” from MasterChef Australia this year.

This follows news that Dinner by Heston at Crown Melbourne underpaid staff by more than $4m over three years.

10 has said in a statement, “Season 12 of MasterChef Australia is currently in production, and we look forward to showing viewers our amazing new judges and an incredible cast later in the year on 10. Heston has been a long-time member of the MasterChef Australia family, but he will not be appearing in the upcoming season.”

What is less clear is whether Blumenthal was actually due to appear this season or not -he last appeared in 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015.

But the past-tense language that “Heston has been a long-time member” may be the tell-tale wording…

Heston TV shows continue to screen at SBS.

Former MasterChef judge George Calombaris yesterday announced his MADE Establishment empire had entered voluntary administration.

MasterChef filming is currently underway in Melbourne.


  1. MasterChef 2020, the biggest question mark and wait and see show of the year, must be so many nerves. I gave up half way though last year, after being a big fan. But that was longer than many who stopped by 2012 or 2013

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