MAFS tops first night of ratings year

Ratings: Nine takes first survey night. Dancing with the Stars beats out MKR.

The first official day of the 2020 ratings year proved a winner for Nine, but ABC also did good business.

Married at First Sight 1.09m viewers topped the night and the demos for Nine.

Grand Designs on 599,00 and Dancing with the Stars at 593,000 -both from around 7:30pm- landed ahead of My Kitchen Rules on 476,000 from 7pm.

Later 60 Minutes won its slot at 688,000 ahead of Midsomer Murders (572,000) and Seven movie: The Greatest Showman (228,000).

Nine Network won Sunday with 32.1% then Seven 24.8%, ABC 18.9%, 10 18.3% and SBS 5.9%.

Nine News drew 959,000 and Weinstein: Hollywood’s Reckoning was 366,000 for Nine.

Seven News won its slot at 1.08m viewers. During the day a Bushfire Bash cricket match pulled 576,000.

ABC News was high at 750,000. Earlier there were replays of Back Roads (190,000) and Hard Quiz (137,000).

The Sunday Project drew 378,000 / 227,000 for 10. 10 News First (358,000) and a Graham Norton repeat (299,000) followed. Bondi Rescue was 159,000.

On SBS it was Australia in Colour (170,000), SBS World News (168,000) and Guy Martin’s Great Escape (91,000).

9GO! movie Minions topped multichannels at 156,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 9 February 2020

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  1. Just watched Sunday night’s episode of MKR
    No wonder the ratings are so bad!!!
    Firstly the recap of previous episode spent more time on romance between Ben and Roula than how teaam had done!
    Do the producers really expect the audience to believe that the Arguement between Rommel and rest of teams wasn’t a set up. And as for the appalling bad acting and singing by the lead cook Sue-Ann what was more appalling was the producers expected us to believe it was real.
    This show is just getting worse and worse each episode.
    Pull it off now Channel 7 because nobody will be watching by end of week!!!!!!

  2. Literally hundreds of millions of people who watch YouTube… that’s who.
    I agree it’s drivel and won’t rate… the polarising Rebel Wilson is only the first thing that makes this look like it will tank

  3. It’s kind of karma that DWTS beats MKR ? Quite honestly on Seven though Pooch Perfect and Big Brother won’t save them. I think both will flop. PP looks cringeworthy. The only good things Seven have are the dramas at 9pm like 9-1-1 and Gold Digger but where is The Resident and The Good Doctor? Even so, MKR is done. It needs to be put to rest. Seven had better hope they don’t cancel Tokyo 2020.

  4. Dancing with the Stars had me watching FTA on a Sunday night for the first time in years. Another great production last night, great cast, although as expected there were a few “Who?” moments with Chloe, Christian, the MAFS guy, and Travis.

    1. I’d heard of or knew everyone apart from Christian, but only know of Dean via having the piss taken out of him on HYBPA. Christian is one unique cat and will make an entertaining contestant! Chloe looked completely bored up in the sky box following her dance, I don’t think viewers will warm to her all that well once ONJ stops showing up to watch her perform.

  5. Yes, bring back the family 7:30pm slot, like it was when I was growing up, things in the vein of Hey Dad (7:30pm Wednesday), backed up by Full House, Monday and Tuesday night was Aussie drama with a two part episode of A Country Practice, with Thursday and Fridays(usually if I remember correctly) being American comedies such as Home Improvement etc. Yes we will never have anything like those shows as they were, but I am sure we could try.

  6. I wonder what would frustrate seven management more, the numbers for mkr or ten beating them. I really hope people at seven are reading some of the comments and hopefully change up the landscape for 7.30 next year to kick off the year.

  7. Who was watching the ch7 movie Greatest Showman in Perth? They messed it up by repeating a segment. Then went to an ad , on the bottom half of the ad you could see the credits running of the film. The ending was completely messed up. Grrrrggghhh. Few weeks back on ch73 they played the same episode of west coast customs 5 or 6 times in a row.

    1. Same…in Sydney…I started watching…had trouble getting into it…but then it got better…
      Then yes, credits…I thought weird end…and then bang it was on again…I watched to the end…but was really mixed up…not sure if part was cut out or what?

  8. There is something so satisfying about seeing those numbers for MKR, after promo’s beginning in September I believe, and years of seeing those 2 faces on TV, its nearly over, bring on a change in the 730 landscape

      1. I wish they would just for for something completely unexpected. Can’t they try a show like the front bar with music and fun. Sure it won’t win it’s time slot, it would be a fun alternative

      2. Not reality, I remember when 730 was family tv time, you had your shows, once a week, Monday was blah on 7, tues blah on 9, sat was a movie, now its just this repeated reality dribble, be it a marriage, a cooking show, or someone driving a truck, all the same voiced over rubbish, to 10’s credit they tried new shows, I’m just thankful I have Netflix & Youtube, because FTA is predominantly rubbish

        1. It’s why I don’t tend to criticize FTA shows simply because my attention is now focused on Netlfix after the nightly News. There is currently nothing on FTA which would entice me away from Netflix. I am bewildered why many continue to bash shows like MAFS and MKR. A simple solution is don’t watch them. Clearly many enjoy MAFS otherwise 9 would not continue broadcasting it. But like MKR, MAFS will one day run out of puff or lip filler, whatever comes first.

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