Michelle Bridges given driving ban, fine over drink-driving incident

Former Biggest Loser trainer Michelle Bridges made a tearful apology outside Waverley Local Court today after pleading guilty to drink driving with her child on board.

Bridges allegedly recorded .086 when tested by NSW police after being was stopped by police during a roadside random breath test in Bellevue Hill on January 26.

Today she was given a three-month driving ban and a $750 fine with a conviction recorded.

“I would like to apologise to my family, friends and community for my gross error in judgment,” she told reporters.

“The consequences of these actions will haunt me forever.

“I ask for forgiveness from my great community and my family and thank you for your support.”

Magistrate Allison Hawkins accepted the incident was “humiliating” for Bridges, who recently confirmed a split from partner Steve “Commando” Willis.

“This behaviour is inexcusable, and I am absolutely devastated and embarrassed to find myself in this position. It has been a very difficult time for me the last few weeks dealing with the break-up of my long-term relationship,” she previously said in a statement.

“This is by no means an excuse for my behaviour but I feel the emotional turmoil I have been going through has impacted my decision making. I am extremely sorry for my actions.”

Source: news.com.au smh.com.au


  1. No excuse at all for even contemplating getting into a car after you have been drinking, especially having your own child in the car with you as well. Hope she learns from her mistake though and the media don’t go ham on her like they usually do in cases like this.

  2. We are very lucky no-one was killed! Driving when you now you are over 0.05 is unacceptable behavior and must be dealt with severely by the courts, to set an example for others to follow!

  3. And the above are reasons why we should have a Zero tolerance to drink driving.
    Unbelievable that people are forgiving.
    If she had killed one of your kids, would you still be as forgiving?

  4. Jᴏʜɴɴʏ 1ᴘ5

    Yep we all make mistakes and yeah here .086 is way over but then in the USA it’s .08 in all States but Utah, so it is a limit that could be misjudged as not feeling as drunk as you are.

    • The breath test was around 11.30am so .086 means she was pretty intoxicated the night before. One standard drink per hour is supposed to be OK to keep you under .05. Alot to drink or early morning finish?
      Lucky no accident occurred and that noone was injured or worse.
      Hopefully this is a lesson to many.

    • It’s .08 in the UK as well as the US. A wrong thing to do, but she wasn’t exactly ‘plastered’ when she got in the car! Australia probably has to have .05 because the idiot ratio seems to be much higher here.

      • Jᴏʜɴɴʏ 1ᴘ5

        Yeah that’s the way I see it as well and I think a lot of people would actually get a surprise if they tested themselves when they felt like they are okay, I’m certain there a lot more cases like Michelle’s where people think they’re okay and aren’t (just they never got pulled over).

        It’s actually an interesting experiment you can put yourself through if you can get a personal breathalyser. After doing that I can tell you there is a lot to be said to taking 30 minutes to an hour off the alcohol before deciding to leave (do a water for that final period). If you’re throwing drinks back and then leave, you can actually test under at that point and when you get home do a test again and be over.

      • Culturally, people in the UK or US don’t really drink at all if they’re going to drive… not like here where people try to moderate their drinking if they’re driving.

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