Montaigne to represent Australia at Eurovision 2020

Montaigne is off to Rotterdam 2020.

She has won Eurovision: Australia Decides with her song Don’t Break Me  beating out fan faves Casey Donovan and Vanessa Amorosi.

She won the night topping the judges’ vote.

10 acts performed tonight on the Gold Coast in a showcase hosted by Joel Creasey & Myf Warhurst.

Montaigne said: “This is wild! I started out just grateful to be a part of Eurovision but this is fricken insane! Thank you to everyone who gave me their vote, I’m so excited to go to Rotterdam and give it a red hot go!”

SBS Commissioning Editor and Australian Head of Delegation Josh Martin said: “Australia has made their choice! And what an incredibly exciting and original choice it is. This is a game changer for our Eurovision journey. Montaigne is an incredibly talented artist, full of strength and integrity who will bring a new audience to Eurovision. It will be so exciting to see how she can evolve this performance for the much larger stage in Rotterdam in May. Fun times ahead!”

Creative Director of Eurovision: Australia Decides and Director of Blink TV Paul Clarke said: “Montaigne is a total original. Her song had the best contemporary pop sound, and it was a shot performance – the first ever at Eurovision. We are delighted that Casey Donovan won the public vote with a song from talented songwriter Justine Elkatchi in a very tight contest. It was a hugely successful night and thanks to everyone who took part, SBS and our Queensland partners. Congrats to Montaigne!”

SBS screened the event Live around the country for a second year. In attendance were outgoing Executive Supervisor Jon Ola Sand, 2016 winner Måns Zelmerlöw, former Aussie representatives Kate Miller-Heidke & Dami Im.

She will now represent Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Rotterdam, The Netherlands in May, following in the footsteps of Kate Miller-Heidke, Jessica Mauboy, Isaiah Firebrace, Dami Im and Guy Sebastian.

The night ended with a shock announcement from Dami Im, “I realised how much I love Eurovision and I’ve decided to throw my hat into the ring for next year.”

Congratulations to Blink TV and SBS for another top night.


    • Best vocals and a great song. Position 5 might have not have helped. Montaigne needs to drop the clown outfit. The song was so good without that distraction.

  1. harrypotter1994

    At first I was shocked because it was not the one I thought was going to win but watching the winners performance and hearing the song a few times since I can tell it’s the one that is the most ‘now’ and I could definitely hear it on the radio. My only gripe is the first verse is really hard to hear / understand live.

    Congrats Montaigne.

    A random fact to finish with. The 9th song has now won two years in a row.

      • I do wonder, if the votes prior to the live broadcast changed/shifted much. I work in a gym and montaignes song is on one of my playlists add it suits the vibe and its a good song but for me the live performance felt awful. I never even considered it as a potential winner.
        Hopefully a litlle voc as l fixing of the first 60 seconds and decent staging, it might qualify for the final, but i wont be being on it to win, (i don’t think any of the songs this year has a “win” in my eyes)

  2. I really enjoyed the show last night, what amazing talent we have in Australia.
    With the Kylie special before Eurovision, it was a fantastic night of great music, perfect Saturday night in.
    The ratings don’t seem to match my social media feeds, which was nothing but Eurovision for the whole night.

  3. Good for her. The song was like Tori Amos and Evanescence had a love child together. I think once they sort out the tulle flopping in her face, etc, she will do very well in Rotterdam. It was the standout song for me.

  4. I thought the whole show this year seemed very amateurish. Even Myf, who I love didn’t seem to know what was going on most of the time. It gets very depressing for me hearing everyone telling sad stories on their past being the reason for most of the songs, especially ballads. ( sorry if I offend anyone in advance). I personally thought Vanessa Amorosi was the best on the night and the audience was great and really involved in it all.

  5. With Dami’s announcement, I almost wonder if they should think about an “all stars” next year to make it an even competition… Invite back the people who have represented us already plus a couple from the australia decides so far.

  6. I didn’t enjoy this years performances or broadcast and was disappointed at the lack of variety in styles. They dragged out the winners announcement far too much. I don’t see Montaigne doing as well as Kate Miller Heidke who brought something fresh to Eurovision. Or as well as Dami Im with her stage presence.
    I’m disappointed.

  7. I’m sorry but I think that’s completely ridiculous and unnecessarily harsh! I’m 33 and Montaigne was my favourite. I’ll think you’ll find the majority of Aussie Eurovision fans are not at all 10-15 year old kids ?

  8. Indeed, congrats to her and to all involved in the production. Aside from a few of the Scandi countries, our national final is now right up there as one of the best.

    • In production it’s ok. We lack the caliber of artists. It’s still a major boycott by established major artists and overall was a bit of a downgrade on last year. Only Montaigne, Amorosi and Jaguar Jonze really put something into it. Donovan was saved by her vocals. The rest were a car wreck.

  9. Definitely deserved to win. Thought Vanessa had a shot with the song but the performance didn’t have the goosebumps factor and Casey’s song was too Disney and dated. I think Europe will warm to Montaigne. Let’s hope she can get a top 5 finish.

  10. I think Casey Donovan had the better song & performance. Dadirri would have done well too. They were who i voted for. The winner had an ok song but an awful performance

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