Oops. Kak’s Konfessional = KKK?

Well this is going well…

Studio 10 has launched a new segment with Kerri-Anne Kennerley, “Kak’s Konfessional” in which viewers are invited to send in “secret problems” that need solving.

But after social media users reacted to the prominent K-k-K in a promo graphic, it was quickly deleted.

KAK has previously attracted headlines for comments around Australia Day, Indigenous Australians and Climate Change protesters.


  1. This is unfortunate for sure, but I don’t know why people keep pilling on previous comments she has made and suggesting what she said was wrong. Sure it wasn’t P.C but not everything has to be.

    Stop getting offended by the smallest things, Grow up and stop acting like a bunch of tossers

  2. I think this just proves people on social media go looking for reasons to be outraged. There is no way the KkK is that graphic is “prominent”. If anything I’d say they deliberately tried to seperate them to prevent that.

  3. It’s important not to conflate KKK with anything it’s not associated with. There is also a KKK supermarket in Finland but it is also an acronym and not related to the hate group. There can be several meanings for any acronym or name. A little maturity wouldn’t go astray.

    • Personally I wouldn’t have spotted the KKK link in the photo, but deleting it is where the network acknowledged, and for me where the news value is. It’s a bit Streisand effect… either way, it’s still just an Oops not a hanging offence.

      • I don’t think they should have removed it when it was an unrelated acronym and a silly conflation. I think the offence is the conflation and removal of the acronym. I think only the family names are related and there can be much diversity in any family.

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was all done on purpose. Sure the whole KKK thing isn’t great but people are now talking about Studio 10 and I highly doubt anyone would stop watching the show because of an “accidentally” bad name that was scrapped really quickly.

  5. Just give her the shock jock job she obviously covets ( or a job on Sky news) so I can watch Studio 10 again. What happened to the bubbly but court entertainer from GMA & Midday?

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