Oops. My Kitchen Rules ad on 9Now.

A promo for My Kitchen Rules has screened on 9Now.

TVT reader Chivasssimo was definitely surprised to see the ad while viewing Married at First Sight.

Does it mean Seven is now buying ads on 9Now in order to plug the show? Not necessarily.

TV Tonight understands it screened as a “Programmatic” ad, which means it was served through an automated bidding system, very common in the online world.

Seven is quietly chuffed Nine thinks enough of MKR to share it with their viewers.

A Nine spokesperson said, “We are pleased to see Seven recognise that 9Now is a valuable platform for reaching audiences at scale.”


  1. I don’t care what anyone says, the ‘Sun-Thur’ gfx are next level. Arial? 20pt in Bold? Not quite white! Not quite grey!
    That’s crazy insane! No expense spared that’s for sure…Take that 9now

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