Oops. No Deal for Seven boss

CEO rule number 1: know thy schedule.


A reader has pointed out that an interview from Seven CEO James Warburton contains an embarrassing stuff up, by referring to Deal or No Deal in his schedule.

In an interview with Mumbrella, Warburton was referring to ratings outside of My Kitchen Rules:

“So I think there’s two parts to it. One is, everyone’s talking about MKR, but if you look at [Monday] night, the news was the number one program, that goes for an hour. We had Home and Away up in the high 600,000s. We had Deal or No Deal close to 600,000. We had Sunrise close to 300,000. We won the entire day time. We were still doing 500,000 to 530,000 at 9:30pm, and then The Latest came on and did about 300,000. So you’ve actually got that whole schedule approach – AFL, cricket – so when you look at the year…”

Deal or No Deal was axed in 2015.

A Seven Spokesperson conceded it was a slip of the tongue.

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  1. Andrew O’K would have to be one of the best Quiz/Game Show hosts we’ve ever had. His enthusiasm when hosting Deal never waned, and the repetition must have been such a hard slog. As a side note, the contestant pictured above is very easy on the eye !

  2. Like the audience, it appears Warbo hasn’t watched Seven for years either. He’s probably giving his Netflix sub a good workout like the rest of us. If he can’t get the name of one of his key, successful shows right he can be excused for not knowing about some of the crap going to air in prime time. Can’t expect the rest of us to watch what passes for entertainment on Seven these days.

  3. Prime Minister on about the Canberra bubble, this is a classic CEO bubble just putting publicly a positive spin on something if he is honest with himself is a terrible situation he has inherited from Tim Wormer.

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