Renewed: Law & Order: SVU, Chicago Med get 3 more seasons

Prolific US producer Dick Wolf has signed a mammoth five-year with NBCU.

US procedural Law & Order: SVU has been given a 3 season renewal.

The pickup will take the series, already the longest-running primetime live-action show in US history, through to a historic 24th season.

The news comes as prolific producer Dick Wolf has signed a mammoth five-year extension to his deal at Universal Television, a division of NBCUniversal Content Studios, which sources say is worth nine figures.

There are also 3 season renewals for Chicago Fire, Chicago PD and Chicago Med, which is being couched as the biggest deal in US TV history.

“I’m gratified and excited that Universal will remain our home for five more years,” said Wolf. “This new term deal complements our recently concluded agreement to make Peacock one of the primary destinations for both the L&O and Chicago brands, as well as our extraordinary three-year NBC broadcast pickups on all four current series. We are now supercharged to expand our business on new platforms, both domestically and internationally, while continuing to produce our current and future series for broadcasting and streaming networks.”

Source: Variety

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  1. Don’t let Nine get rights to the Chicago 3! They ruined the shows for fans by delaying Chicago Med for ages. Made it hard to watch other 2 at times as plots carry over between shows. Give all 3 to Foxtelso they can show them as intended by shows producers – after each other!

  2. This is great news for SVU!! Love this show, too bad Ten don’t give it any respect! Maybe you could ask Ten David why Ten don’t bother promoting new SVU eps? or one week having new eps back then the next they are gone or replaced by repeats it’s hard to keep track.

    1. It’s not all 10’s fault have you seen how US networks release shows on Network TV.
      I’ll give you an example SVU Season 20, NBC premiered: 10 episodes from September to November (including double ep premiere); 5 weeks no new episodes; 2 New episodes in January; 1 week no new episodes; 4 New episodes in February; 2 weeks no new episodes; 2 New episodes in March; 1 week no new episodes; 2 New episodes in April; 1 week no new episodes; 4 New episodes in April-May (End Season).
      If 10 didn’t broadcast new episodes before next new US episode they are dammed, and if they hold some episodes back so they can have it back to back without breaks in US they are dammed too.
      Some US shows are worse than SVU with more breaks or more frequent stoppage.

      1. Except in the case of SVU, Ch10 is 11 eps behind the eps already aired in the US. The SVU ep that would have gone to air last Thursday had Ch10 chosen to air it actually went to air in the US on 31 October last year.

        Yes, US series regularly have breaks of varying length between new eps, but CH10 is so far behind with SVU that they’ve got enough eps of SVU in the bag to air it weekly until mid-May, and that’s not counting any eps that will air in the US from now on.

    2. Also I see quite a few SVU promos on WIN (10 regional) the day before new episode in primetime and all day before primetime the day of new episodes. Plus a promo for it normally on the project the day of.

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