Returning: Better Homes & Gardens

Better Homes & Gardens returns to Seven on Friday night with new cast members Charlie Albone, Sam Wood, Melissa King and James Tobin in the mix this season.

Johanna + Pete – Amazing Home – Beaches David Low Way (Noosa, Qld)
Johanna and Pete are living the Aussie dream and visiting the ultimate beach shack. Well, ‘shack’ is probably the wrong word for it. No expense has been spared on this mid-century-inspired beachfront masterpiece. With a gym, dance floor, rotating garage floor and even a water slide, this resort-style home has everything you could possibly wish for. Johanna and Pete are checking it out.

Tara – Flow Painting
Tara’s going with the flow to create some beautiful and unique pieces of abstract art. Acrylic pouring, or fluid art, is a fun technique used to create kaleidoscopic paintings – and the technique is so simple, even the kids can get involved.

Karen – Deep Fried Prawn Rice Paper Rolls
When it comes to take-away food, nothing beats a spring roll. This week, Karen’s taking them up a notch. Her homemade spring rolls are easy to put together and made with loads of yummy flavours, like ginger, prawns, and kaffir lime leaves. These are so good, you’ll need to double the recipe.

Sam – Health And Fitness – Energy To The Max
In today’s fast-paced 24/7 world, ‘busyness’ has become a status symbol and tiredness a permanent state of mind. This week, our new health and fitness expert, Sam Wood, is sharing his top tips to increase energy for those of us who are tired of being tired.

Dr Harry – Dog Agility
While Sam is showing us how to increase our energy, Dr Harry’s meeting up with some very special dogs who already have energy in spades! Dog agility is the most popular canine sport in the world and this year, a host of Aussie hounds will be competing in the National Championships, in Western Australia. Dr Harry’s finding out all about the world of dog agility and the many benefits this sport holds for our furry friends.

Fast Ed – Recipe Road Trip – NSW North Coast
Fast Ed’s starting off 2020 with a bang, on an epic road trip to one of his favourite corners of the world. He’s travelling via motorbike to the Mid North Coast and Great Lakes region of NSW. From a lamb farm near Bulahdelah to the beautiful Wallis Lake in Forster Tuncurry, Ed’s experiencing all this beautiful part of the world has to offer. Of course, he’ll be cooking up a storm along the way, with Roast Carvery Lamb Leg and Clam Bake-Style Fish both on the menu. Yum!

Graham – Highfields Garden Walkaround
Graham visits a cracker of a garden built on one of the most challenging sites imaginable. Highfields Garden is located on the western edge of the Blue Mountains, in Little Hartley. Built on a sloping site, with difficult conditions and rocky soil, master plantsman David Kennedy has worked his magic to create an 8-acre gem of a garden that fits perfectly in the landscape.

Adam + Charlie Albone – Banger Of A Backyard
Have you got a small backyard but big ideas of turning it into a showstopper? Adam is teaming up with Charlie to create a small backyard of epic proportions. With stepped decking, some cool striped paving and a clever selection of plants and pots, you’ll be dying to recreate this modern marvel at your place.

7pm Friday on Seven / 7TWO (check local guides).


  1. Seriously disappointed in bhg so now its a car show! Are the ratings that bad that now you have lost your way. B H G stands for bettter homes and gardens now its cars mechanics.
    Dumping Jason stinks, from an everyday likable local bloke we had to suffer through a wishy washy Charlie who just didn’t cut it, sorry it was awful.
    Glad Jamie drury didn’t last long.
    Glad Pete didn’t last long
    Can we hope the same for Charlie?
    Channel 7 shows its hand as being disloyal to staff and fans, use to enjoy Friday nights wonder what I’ll watch now!!!!!!

    • Maev....Sydney

      Never…..I would rather listen to the radio….they did the dirty yet again…dumping Jason this time…not that people are let go…they are literally dumped….not a nice look.
      I will watch something else or catchup until the 10 team return.

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