Returning: Deep State

Season 2 of UK drama series on SBS now stars Walton Goggins as an ex-CIA operative in Mali.

UK drama series Deep State returns to SBS this week for its second season.

This season stars Walton Goggins as an ex-CIA operative drawn into a political crisis in Mali. Mark Strong no longer features.

Half of Season 1 was directed by Aussie Robert Connolly but he’s not involved in S2.

Three US Special Forces are killed in an ambush in Mali – supposedly there to help arm the Malians in their fight against terrorism. However, all is not as it seems. As the story progresses, we realise that this is all part of a cover for the new gold rush – the goal is to beat China in the race for African natural resources – oil, gas, ore, and minerals. It’s a dirty war for clean energy.

We’ll quickly learn that the real target of the ambush was young translator Aicha – but what makes her such a threat?

Season Two, Episode One: Cicero
In Mali, four U.S. Special Forces and a translator are supposedly killed in an ambush. This delays a procurement deal in Washington with the Malian government, off which the deep state are set to profit significantly. It is up to their operative, Nathan Miller, to make sure everything goes to plan, whilst also battling to keep his family together.

Thursday, 13 February at 10.45pm on SBS.

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