SBS on Demand: Shadow Lines

2019 Finnish espionage drama Shadow Lines begins next week at SBS on Demand.

This takes place during the Cold War when Finland remained neutral between East and West.

All 10 episodes available to stream.

In the fall of 1955 a top secret Finnish task force called The Fist breaks into the US embassy in Finland to steal classified documents and a secret decoding key. But their mission goes horrible wrong and a CIA agent along with one of their own dies.

In the US, Helena Korhonen, a young Finnish college student is attacked. Helena’s godfather and Deputy Chief of the Finnish Security Police, Yrjö Ylitalo, sends Tabe Slioor, a Finnish socialite currently in town, to help her. But a snap decision on Tabe’s part to bring Helena back to Helsinki has far-reaching consequences. Upon her return, Helena has flashbacks of memories she doesn’t recall. She turns to Yrjö for help, but unsatisfying answers leave Helena determined to find out the truth and she inserts herself into Yjrö’s operation to prevent her being returned to the US.

But not fully understanding what she involved herself in, Helena’s reckless actions lead to the death of another agent and raise the attention of the CIA, the discovery of Yrjö’s secret leadership of The Fist, and even more unexpectedly, her recruitment to the team.

The deeper Helena goes into missions, the closer she comes to her lost past. With long kept personal secrets and political agendas coming to a head, the team must overcome the lies and distrust if they have any chance of succeeding.

Thursday, 20 February 2020 on SBS On Demand

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