• Loved the extra vote cast in survivor and the confused look on the contestants faces that there were more votes than people left, I don’t recall that happening before although extra bites have been cast I don’t think they notice if it’s been a one sided vote.

  1. There are problems for the reader in interpreting the morning data.

    Based on Today 200,000 and News Breakfast 127,000, it is easy to assume they are way ahead with a difference of 70,000 –

    instead of the 24,000 which you are using from additional data not displayed.

    And that is a large variance.

  2. My other comment is that UK dramas do not seem to rate well, yet a tried and true Greys Anatomy is held and then burnt off. Most people I know don’t realise Greys is still going, so an advertising campaign and regular time slot would work and should get more eyeballs?!

    • I watched the first couple of seasons of Greys when it came out but gave up chasing it around the schedule. Have just discovered it on Stan up to season 13, so I’ve been playing catch up. Enjoying it so far.

  3. I think 10 should try a National World News at 6pm as a point of difference. Draw on parent company affiliates and resources to give it some great content. Good time given the interest in US politics too.

  4. Why is Travel Guides not airing after MAFS? A factual doesn’t seem compatible and TG was verging on bursting to become a hit in its own right last season. Another season behind MAFS and it could have soared to new heights.

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