Shock exit from Australian Survivor

Australian Survivor: All Stars lost a big player in its very first episode when 2018 winner Shane Gould was sent packing.

The swimming Gold Medalist was deemed too dangerous, and already a $500,000 winner, by her tribe as the 10 series got off to a punishing start.

‘Don’t F*** with Shane Gould’ was unable to turn her tribe against ice-cream maker ‘Dirty’ Harry and avoid being eliminated. It was the first time she had her torch snuffed by host Jonathan La Paglia.

“I’ve just been outwitted and outplayed by the All Stars. I think people had revenge on their minds. They might have voted me out but at this stage, I’m still half a million dollars richer than they are”.

All 24 contestants have now been revealed, split into 2 tribes.

The yellow tribe was named Vakama, meaning to burn: AK, Brooke, Daisy, David, Flick, Jacqui, Jericho, Locky, Mat, Moana, Phoebe and Tarzan.

The green tribe of Mokuta, meaning to strike: Abbey, Harry, Henry, John, Lee, Lydia, Michelle, Nick, Shane, Sharn, Shonee and Zach.

Meanwhile 10 is teasing tomorrow night as its biggest ever Tribal Council.


  1. It wasn’t that much of a shock. Previous winners usually get nixed quickly. Pity though – I like Shane a lot.

    Thanks for the list of whose in which tribe, David. I like to make my own list with description of what they look like so I can tell people apart (so many blondes, so many beefcakes) but they didn’t bother to show many people during the show.

  2. An almost perfect first boot for All Stars – better to kick it off losing a big name than an also ran, but also they haven’t really lost a big personality or player. Losing Harry would have been far more disappointing.

    Also a nice storyline with the vengence of Lydia.

  3. Not happy I’m missing this while I’m in the US. I still keep track of TV Tonight, can’t miss my updates.

    Shane was a massive threat so I’m not surprised she was eliminated first.

  4. Not really a shock, quite predictable. Shane was a worthy winner but a big part of her strategy was the ineffective and vague oldie image. Now everyone knew how she did it, she really didn’t stand a chance. And Lydia had to do virtually nothing to make it happen because everyone else already agreed.

  5. Great episode, can understand why she went first given already won once why wouldn’t you get rid of them as they’ve shown how dangerous to your own game if your not with them that they can be.
    Great twist on the hidden immunity idol, too, how awkward were all those stares at it during tribal…

  6. Shame to see her go. Considering this was filmed last year directly after season 4, i wonder if those S4 contestants may be at an advantage considering the remainder won’t have seen that season’s broadcast.

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