Sonia Kruger to host Big Brother for Seven

Seven has confirmed Sonia Kruger as its Big Brother host for 2020.

“In 2020, the world’s greatest reality show returns to shake things up. But if you think you know Big Brother, think again. This time, everything has changed,” Seven revealed.

“The thrilling new era of Big Brother begins with a dynamic new house full of incredible surprises, new rules designed to create show-stopping twists and a new generation of unique and ambitious housemates determined to outstay each other no matter what Big Brother throws at them.

Kruger previously fronted the show from 2012 to 2014 on Nine. But the announcement means she is no longer hosting Mega Mini Golf.

A Channel Seven spokesperson said: “Big Brother has spoken and Sonia Kruger will helm the new game. Channel Seven is very excited to have Sonia on board for a thrilling new era of Big Brother. Sonia’s Big Brother filming commitments mean she’s no longer able to host Mega Mini Golf. Seven will soon reveal the all-star cast who’ll be teeing off on the epic new competition series.”

Kruger said, “I knew 2020 was going to be a fantastic year but to be asked to host the big daddy of reality shows is icing on the cake. I’ve always loved Big Brother and this brand new series of the show will take it to an exciting, contemporary level that will make for addictive viewing. The housemates have been selected, the new home is mind blowing and Big Brother is as mischievous as ever. The game has changed and I can’t wait to give fans their all access pass to the greatest reality show on earth!”


  1. Guessing Channel 7 execs didn’t watch Big Brother when it was on Nine then. A baffling choice, but never believed Sonia was only joining Seven to host some second rate golf obstacle course show.

    • I felt the Netflix version petered out in the end with bland characters and a predictable finale. The UK 2nd series v seemed to have a better selection of contestants, tasks that focused on bringing these characters out and was a more psychological game.

  2. “The game has changed and I can’t wait to give fans their all access pass to the greatest reality show on earth!””

    An actual All Access Pass would be online streaming and/or a secondary channel showing the feed, not over manufactured scenes filmed a couple of months earlier…

  3. I was really looking forward to a nostalgia fix with the return of BB. Nothing personal against Sonia but I was really hoping for a return of Gretel Killeen.
    Interest has significantly wained for me now. This really needed the Gretel factor to have legs. I have a feeling MKR Rivals isn’t going to be the only big flop for Seven this year.

  4. Well that means Mega Mini Golf is back on my radar and this version of Big Brother is still off my list. Nothing says the game has changed than having the same host…

  5. I am less interested in the show after the host announcement. I’ll watch the first episode before deciding to switch off in the hope that the hosting is better than expected. I think BB on Nine wasn’t as loved as the Ten BB seasons. Already no live shows were announced for the new series. I’m hoping that there would be a suitable narrator and a possible popular co-host.

  6. I have a feeling they’ll follow the US Celeb BB format, where the rules are completely opposite to the UK version and it doesn’t work. In the US version everyone can talk about Nominations. So they spend the whole time talking about that.

  7. Was looking forward to watching this and seeing how 7 stuff it up. Don’t need to watch it now, they’ve just stuffed it up.

    Sonia is awful. No one wants her to host (try fans want Gretel). Maybe 7 will have better luck in 2021, when they start listening to their viewers.

    R.I.P another failed big beother reboot

  8. I wish it was Gretel but Sonia is my next favourite now let’s hope Mike Goldman is the narrator the biggest hurdle Big Brother has is that it’s pre recorded if it had live shows and previous days daily show then it would have stood a lot better chance of succeeding

  9. I love this show, the greatest reality show!! So excited and can’t wait..
    Though i would’ve preferred if it was Gretel Killeen & Mike Goldman as Co-Hosts.! They should do and I hope they bring UpLate and Live Friday Night Games. Would be so thrilling..

  10. she went to 7 for the money. Channel 7 keep bringing up new shows without much thought. Then they have to cut costs to recover the money they blew up.

  11. Have to say i wish it was Gretel but im happy with Sonia. Thank god they didnt go hostless!! I think this may work tbh im open to the survivor style.

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