Studio 10: “I would just like to offer a big hug to you”

Studio 10 presenters respond to comments on Facebook which criticised their support for the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras.

This morning Studio 10 presenters responded to comments on the show’s Facebook which criticised their support for this weekend’s Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras.

Sarah Harris said they had received comments both negative and bigoted, as well as supportive.

Neralda Jacobs, who is a proud indigenous, gay woman said, “There’s one thing I would like to say to those attacking a marginalised group or community… you need to ask yourself why do you feel the need to attack a group of people who are so marginalised, that a lot of them live in fear, because of comments that you’re making about them?

“I think the answer might live within. I would just like to offer a big hug to you, because I feel like you need to be loved.”

Sarah Harris added, “We want differing opinions on the show… Some of the attacks we received on that video were disgusting and bigoted and just plain mean. We’ve deleted and blocked the worst.

“Let’s have the chat but let’s just be like The Fonz – be cool.”

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  1. I really feel sorry for those people. They just don’t get it. They we never taught, or not smart enough to figure out for themselves how ignorant and ill informed they are. It will click with them one day and they’ll regret it, or they’ll just continue being hurtful for the sake of being hurtful probably to cover their own pain.

  2. I will never understand how people can go online and type things they would never say to a persons face
    I can’t type anything I wouldn’t say to “your” faces, you bunch of idiots ??

  3. I’m disappointed, but not surprised. That’s social media for you, and the reason I permanently deleted Facebook, and stopped commenting in online Newspaper comment sections, it’s just a hateful realm.
    I always feel safe and included within the TVTonight Community, we may not all agree, but we respect each others viewpoints on television topics, and David us the fairest moderator in any online comment section I’ve ever come across

    1. Thanks Gaz. I tell ya moderating is certainly not easy, and I cop it from those unhappy with umpire decisions (even when I take the time to tell a reader their comment can’t be approved and they may resubmit, sigh!). But I do take pride that TVT is not a place where readers pile on one another. Passion is usually directed at networks.

      1. Totally agree with Daz. David is fair and maintains the tone of this blog brilliantly. A few years ago, he called me out on a post that was a bit out of line and whilst I very much appreciated the personal e-mail to explain why, I replied (and still stand by) that he can censor or not allow any of my comments without explanation. It’s his blog after all. I’m just a guest on it.

  4. Facebook should allow media organisations and pages to turn off comments like they do in groups. They’re happy to work with traditional media on other initiatives but not on issues like this. Remember the time spent moderating that crap is costing media organisations money they aren’t spending on content creation.

  5. It’s unfortunate but it’s always going to happen. Sunrise’s Facebook have a lot of mean spirited replies. So does Home and Away especially towards Bella saying she’s a brat etc and the show should get rid of her but these people don’t seem to grasp that the character has gone through a lot of trauma in her life.

    1. There’s a massive chasm of difference between “I don’t believe in equal rights for LGBT people because…” and “All gay people are sick and wrong”. One is an opinion (albeit a highly unpopular one), the other is simply hate speech.

      1. Actually I’d say that both are the same but if anything not believing in equal rights is worse because that means these people don’t believe everyone should be treated equally even if personally you think they are wrong in your eyes.

    2. 38.4% of the people who voted in the same sex marriage law postal survey voted no to same sex marriage being allowed. So Studio 10 should have had at lease 1 person in the Studio or live crossing who doesn’t support same sex marriage to represent over 4.8 million people who don’t support same sex marriage. Having 4 presenters who all have the same opinions on this topic is not really fair.

      1. Except that it wasn’t a debate about a referendum, it was about a show telling their audience why they were on board with Mardi Gras celebrations, which is a question their audience had raised. That’s probably what we’d call a right of reply.

  6. Oh look hate comments on a mardi gras post. shock horror. studio 10 cant be that naive to think they are going to get positive comments on a subject that always attracts trolls every year. these posts just give a platform for trolls and homophobes. Expressing your opinion is one thing but hating on people that mean or do you no harm is crazy

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