“The Beast” grumbles over The Chase UK

Somehow I don’t think comments made by The Chase‘s Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett is going to win him too many fans….

The UK series is introducing a sixth Chaser, prompting Labbett to grumble about less work on the quiz.

“I’m gutted about it, to be honest. We only get paid for when we work so a new Chaser means less work,” he explained.

“There will be a point where I can’t afford to do it any more. I’ll have to go back to teaching.

“Last year we only filmed half as Bradley Walsh was on Doctor Who and if I didn’t have other work it would be really tough.”

That other work no doubt includes flying to Australia to film The Chase Australia. Tough gig.

Labbett also lamented having a “slight disadvantage” to other Chasers in securing work.

“I’ve got a slight disadvantage because TV has too many white middle-aged quiz presenters,” he explained. “I haven’t had as many offers as Anne Hegerty and we have the same agent.”

Perhaps there’s something omitted from this interview, but if life is really so tough filming UK and Aussie episodes might be time for a new agent, then?

Source: The Sun


  1. I would expect some of this is just the grumpy character he is expected to play on the show. They have all been given a negative persona and are meant to be slightly mean to the contestants, and grumpy when they lose. For some that acting has been hard to maintain long term, and Issa only managed it for about three shows. Mark is the consummate Chaser (along with Anne), playing the role to perfection.

  2. I think the sarcsam was lost in the written word, as it has been known in the UK for quite a while that he and also The governess are worth approx $3 million dollars each in our money.

  3. The new Beat the Chasers format has been filming this week. Basically all 5 Chasers feature – contestants play solo and after a cash builder (which ends with one wrong answer) can take increasingly higher offers to take on more Chasers in a final round to win the money.

  4. Don’t worry everyone. We’ll probably still see the same 4 “Chasers” on Seven, as we rarely get shown Jenny Ryan on air, who apparently joined the team in 2015.

  5. Ready hoping it is a bit of sarcasm that doesn’t come across well in print (mainly as tabloid journalists never understand sarcasm) but it doesn’t come across well at all and do find his banter increasingly coming across as just rude on the show itself.

    Not sure if the new Chaser has begun filming yet but they’ve kept their identity quiet. I do think a bit of new blood is welcome but 6 chasers does seem too many.

  6. I’ve disliked watching “The Beast” on The Chase ever since I saw him walk off the set without congratulating the winning team after he had a particularly poor final round. He may have been annoyed with himself but he’s a professional quizzer and he should have displayed better sportsmanship.

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