Val Lehman sells Logie for bushfire relief

Well done to Prisoner icon Val Lehman for selling her Silver Logie for bushfire relief funds.

Her 1980s Silver Logie has raised over $7400 on eBay.

“I was trying to think how the hell I could make some kind of donation,” she told The Daily Edition.

“These days I get very little work. I have to survive on the aged pension, but I looked at my Silver Logie and thought ‘Maybe there’s a fan out there who would like to buy it.'”

A UK fan was the lucky recipient, also tipping in another $500 donation.


  1. Why is money still being raised? Hasn’t hundreds of millions already been donated? Where’s all that money? Charities are obviously shonky if money is still needed.

    • I’m thinking the same thing, but I wonder if 100% of the money is going there or a percentage in admin fees etc
      I can’t recall what is was for but I remember donating some money for something during a football match a few decades ago only to find out that part of the donation was set aside for Admin fees
      It’s put me off donating for anything since

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