Wunderbar! Hans wows America’s Got Talent.

Spoiler: Aussie cabaret artiste Hans talks about his latest earth-shattering performance to America.

Spoiler Alert!

Aussie cabaret artiste Hans has qualified for the Grand Final of America’s Got Talent: The Champions.

The ‘Berlin boy-wonder’ qualified in the latest Semi-Finals which has just screened in the US, becoming the first Australian to qualify for the Grand Final.

Other Aussie acts who have tried but been eclipsed include Justice Crew, Cosentino, Jack Vidgen, Eddie Williams. Pint-sized Aussie comedian JJ Pantano missed out on the Grand Final today.


Hans’ success comes despite Simon Cowell buzzing him out in his first performance this year.

“This is the good thing about Champions, he’s powerless! Begone witch, your powers mean nothing here!” he tells TV Tonight.

“Last time I was on the show, he loved me. This time he’s playing hot & cold. He recently turned 60 so maybe he didn’t remember that he loved me, which is a shame. But you know, they always say the memory is the first to go with the ageing process.

“It’s also (following) January 31, so he’s a British man hating on a European! What we are seeing now are the effects of Brexit in action.”

Hans’ -aka Adelaide journalist Matt Gilbertson- latest performance was a spectacular rendition of Bang Bang by Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj.

“The theme is 2020. It’s kind of election-themed, there’s a bit of good old fashioned propaganda going on. So it’s alluding to what’s going on politically in America.”

But now he has to pull out all stops for the Grand Final, which airs in the US next week.

“Every time you go on stage you think it’s your last time. So you end up just kind of doing whatever you can and then it’s like ‘Oh God, we’ve got to think of something new!’ There’s a creative team that everybody works who are very experienced. They’ve got their own ideas and you’ve got your own ideas, and sometimes it’s a bit of backwards and forwards.

“I wanted to shoot off pyrotechnics from the accordion but apparently there’s some ridiculous thing called Health and Safety. I was thinking a little bit Kiss and glam rock, but maybe I’ll save that for a future show.”

He is already contemplating something by Jennifer Lopez given she has just performed at Super Bowl. But he is also in demand back home.

“I’m currently working on my brand new show called the Haus of Hans: Disco Spektakulär, for Adelaide Fringe and Melbourne Comedy Festival. It’s the biggest thing we’ve ever done. Every ticket that was sold last year has been reinvested into the show. There’s a lot of glitter and pyrotechnics and all sorts going on.”

But fans waiting for him to represent Australia at Eurovision will have to wait.

“I think they’re taking it a bit too seriously,” he suggests.

“The reasons why we love Eurovision and what it’s best remembered for are the outrageous costumes, the spectacle, the glitter and good camp fun! And, honey, look around you and what’s happening. Don’t we all need a laugh now more than ever? I hope it never take itself too seriously. It’s not Hillsong!”

America’s Got Talent: The Champions airs 7:30pm Saturday on FOX8.

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