10 Pilot Week goes for scripted, comedy.

This year’s Pilot Week offering on 10 will have more scripted content than last year’s showcase.

“We will be airing four local scripted series this year plus a broad range of comedy content as well as our news, sport, reality and entertainment content,” Chief Content Officer Beverley McGarvey said.

10 is yet to announce which week it will mount its third initiative, but previous outings have been staged in August (2018) and September (2019).

None of the 2019 projects has been confirmed to return but two of 2018’s Pilot Week will be back this year: Kinne Tonight and Drunk History.

Trial by Kyle and Taboo are yet to be confirmed.


  1. This was on the other day on BBC1. Bumps is a new Comedy Playhouse special for BBC One and stars Amanda Redman. Was just a one off. Quite amusing. Yet to hear if it will get a full order.

  2. The BBC had great success with this concept in the 60s and 70s with Comedy Playhouse which gave the classics like Steptoe & Son and Till Death Us Do Part their start. But I wonder whether it is likely to work in today’s much different television environment? It was resurrected by the beeb in 2014 without much success.

  3. This is quite personal for me, as I was an extra in one of the pilots that aired in the 2018 Pilot Week (it was Dave in case you were wondering) and it was a lot of fun. It will be nice to see scripted instead of so-called “reality”.

  4. Surely the massive ratings drop for episode 2 of Pooch Perfect demonstrates how hard it is to measure the success of a show after just one episode? It’s the big flaw in the Pilot Week concept.

      • I think Rove didn’t work out because it’s pilot was way different from the actual series produced in the end: the series was fun, didn’t include as many jokes and didn’t have as many live segments from different areas. Also, the “TV family” watching live should have stayed and there weren’t any undercovers.

        • chivasssimo

          Except for the Rove pilot there wasn’t a big ratings dive – the pilot rated very low. Seems like 10 went ahead with it anyway because they were determined to offer live entertainment as a point of difference on Saturday nights, but it didn’t work out for them

  5. Aussiecam58

    I think pilot week is a great concept. Having said that l feel that rather having the shows air over a week they would be best to have 2 nights where they air the shows one after the other. So air them on one night and switch the shows around on another night. Sure have encore airings later.

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