10 Play: Beecham House

UK drama set in colonial India is now available at 10 Play.

10 Play yesterday added period drama Beecham House, an ITV series set in colonial India.

The 2019 series ran for one season before being cancelled.

Set in the 1795, amidst the clashing forces of British and French militaries and the decline of the centuries-old Mughal Empire, Beecham House tells the story of enigmatic Englishman and former soldier John Beecham.

When Beecham arrives at his grand new Delhi estate to great fanfare, the presence of a (mixed-race and apparently motherless!) baby is more than just a surprise to the staff—it’s a mystery that only deepens as he falls for English governess Margaret Osbourne.

As his overbearing mother, his rebellious brother and even more complicated guests arrive, politics, passion, ambition and revenge collide, all under the roof of Beecham House.

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