AFL season suspended

The AFL season has been postponed until at least the end of May according to news reports.

This follows PM Scott Morrison’s advice against non-essential travel and the announcement of South Australian Premier Steven Marshall that that state’s borders are to be closed.

In a phone hook-up of club officials, the AFL said no matches would be played before June, but it is known that that timeframe could be significantly pushed back.

Today’s Hawthorn-Brisbane and West Coast-Melbourne games will be the last until at least May 31.

CEO Gillon McLachlan said the advice, including from government, was to commence the season this week, but circumstances have now changed.

“To say this is the most serious threat to our game in 100 years is an understatement. It is unprecedented in its impact. It is unprecedented in the impact it is having on our game and the wider community, and as a community and as a code, we all need to take the unprecedented and required actions to get through this together,” he said.

“I know that everyone involved in our game and our millions of supporters will be impacted by this decision and that many people will suffer significant hardship as are people right across the community but I also know that we all have a responsibility to the community and each other. And we have the will to work collectively to overcome this crisis.”

The AFL plans to resume all games later and play until as late as necessary this year.

A Seven spokesperson said, “We fully support the decision of the AFL to suspend the season, in the interest of player and community health and safety. While we’re as disappointed as anyone else, we’ll work with the AFL and our partners to understand best next steps.”

The AFLW season has also been cancelled, with no premiership to be awarded.

Source: AFLThe Age

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  1. Idiots for even starting the season just like the Prime idiot thinking it was OK to go to the sharks game and for being so so slow to act I’m sure he’s still in Hawaii

  2. When I watched the press conference, I felt very sad for not just the Women’s players, but the mens and the staff. I heard on 7 News that there will be job losses and AFL players salaries will be reduced. It was a very dark day or AFL. The future for the AFL looks bleak.

    • Jᴏʜɴɴʏ 1ᴘ5

      You’re not alone similar for me, I work as an MATV and TV Systems installer and do commercial work, so Pubs, Gaming Venues, TAB’s, RSL’s and etc., so with those all closing indefinitely that’s it for now. Also do Sporting Events as well from Spring Racing Carnival on, actually finished installing in Marquees at the F1GP on the Wednesday and had to go in on the Saturday and remove it all as I’m last in first out. So have just been at home since then as well as I thought best to self-isolate seeing I was at the F1GP, so have not worked since Sat March 14th and I am self-employed in a single household.

      So yep along with you and many others in all fields of work it is going to be a tough 3 months for all of us … even David here as we’ll likely all get bored and comment more so he’ll have queues and queues of approvals to do (lol).

  3. Expected from first day. Hard to believe they actually started this season. Next hit for Seven will be when the Oympics are cancelled. Nine will lose the NRL this week.

  4. My heart goes out to all the women players in the AFLW competition. ? Fremantle deserve it. How will Seven and Foxtel fill their schedules?

    • Seven in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth will probably just show what’s been scheduled in Sydney and Brisbane, FOX Footy will probably go into off-season mode i.e. classic AFL matches

    • Jᴏʜɴɴʏ 1ᴘ5

      Seven could do Classic Matches and Grand Finals either on a Friday or Saturday Night, even Classic Rivalries wouldn’t go astray, like could have the Geelong vs Hawthorn ’89 Grand Final that leads into 2008 and beyond (technically started in their round 12 match during the 1985 season). West Coast vs Sydney Grand Finals were good as well, could play on the Rise and Fall and Rise of Richmond, have when West Coast first won the Premiership against Geelong being when it first left Victoria. Adelaide and Port Adelaide had some good rivalry games and some good Premiership wins.

      Could almost tailor it to a State by State thing Brisbane’s 3 in a row Grand Final wins and those years they dominated, the ups and downs of the Sydney Swans leading to their 2005 win (against the Eagles), it still remains the highest-rating AFL game of all time (with 3.4 million metropolitan viewers), since the…

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