Airdate: Volcano Live With Nik Wallenda

On Thursday SBS is unusually going with a daredevil special, Volcano Live With Nik Wallenda.

Nik Wallenda will attempt a 548m walk over the Masaya Volcano in Nicaragua. The stunt will mark Wallenda’s “longest and highest highwire walk ever attempted.”

This screens 7.5hrs after the US (so avoid online spoilers).

Previous televised specials have included walks across a Grand Canyon gorge, Niagara Falls and between skyscrapers in Chicago.

“After spending years scouting and researching volcanoes, I fully realise why no one has ever attempted this feat: Mother Nature is extremely unpredictable. It is by far the most dangerous walk I have ever attempted, and that alone makes it very intimidating,” Wallenda said in a statement. “I am pushing myself beyond my comfort zone by the feat itself, but I know that I am up to the challenge. I must admit, it is scary.”

The Bachelor‘s Chris Harrison will host.

Part of the famed Pacific Ring of Fire, Masaya encompasses multiple craters and is one of very few volcanoes to possess a lava lake. The extreme environment at Masaya will add an extra set of risks to Nik’s already daring walk. Throughout the televised event, Nik and his family will be featured in interviews about the rigging, planning and execution of the walk. Volcanologists and various professionals will also be on-site to lend their expertise.

7:30pm Thursday on SBS.

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