Are the Logie Awards safe this year?

The idea of bringing all of Australian television’s glitterati into one room used to sound like a good idea.

But that was before COVID-19.

Now as events and shows are being cancelled left, right and centre what is the outlook for the Logie Awards this year?

The short answer: it’s too soon too know.

The Logies are to be held on June 28 at The Star on the Gold Coast.

Nobody knows if it will be safe to bring together performers, producers and network execs to what is an annual weekend sojourn. It numbers well beyond the 100 per room limit -it requires several hundred staff  to mount before any of the guests, media and fans are tallied.

Last year voting ran from March 3 – 31 but while there is nothing underway as yet, it isn’t a sign of problems.

Last month TV Week announced key changes for the 2020 event. Instead of lengthy lists of performers for the public to choose from, this year there will be 6 nominees in each Popular category, and 7 for Gold, announced on Sunday May 24.

The public will choose a winner for each category.

Sources indicate the event is still on track. So while there is still huge planning underway -by TV Week, Nine and various networks – organisers still have two months before anything official. Will that be enough? Who knows….

If they don’t happen we can all just blame Tom Gleeson, I guess.


  1. Maev....Sydney

    Giving borders are now closed and no travel allowed….I can only see it getting worse..not better….
    I do not think 3 months will be a go.

  2. Jᴏʜɴɴʏ 1ᴘ5

    Outdoors and in winter hey, they could all wear certified safe HazMat suits, imagine the Red Carpet: Sonia Kruger looking splendid in her white on white HazMat suit, Sonia … oh wait that’s not Sonia it’s Charlie Pickering.

  3. I think it could go ahead but would obviously have to be scaled down. Can’t see a way they could have a main room with celebs all packed in like sardines in the audience so that would have to go. They’d still be able to have a selection of celebs hosting the telecast and announcing the categories and winners. The rest would be up to remote crosses via satellite or skype for the winners and maybe losers to make speeches etc. Could be very hard to pull off technically live, but maybe start pre record in the afternoon with pauses between each category so they can set up the crosses. Editing would fix that for the telecast. No argument it would be different but could still be entertaining and not impossible to achieve.

  4. What a stupid question. Here we are all isolating and practicing all kinds of separation and somehow we might be ok by June? Closing things down is a lot easier than trying to ramp back up. Defer it till Q4 at the earliest.

    • Meaningless ? Tell that to the crew, Venue staff, not to mention the deserving recipients. I agree that it’s not the most important event on the calendar, but if the virus situation has improved ?and there’s a way to do it, why not ?

    • They rate half decently over it’s multiple hours to past 11pm and put 100’s of people in jobs (and depending when it airs this year) might be the only income some recieve for the rest of the year.
      Keeping them will help the economy.

  5. They may have to have present the awards via Skype, with the winner of each category given a heads-up on the morning of the awards to be ready for a Skype link up. Comedians could still do their routine. Or there could be a gathering of celebs in the major capital cities, outdoor with social distancing, and a camera drone could hover over the winner for their speech.

    • Imagine if they hold the logies and then have to go into lockdown! No Karl Stefanovic, Kochie or other annoying tv personalitities on air!!! Could make for very interesting tv

  6. The Prime Minister has suggested the 100 person policy for non essential indoor events could remain in effect for six months. The Logies are a non essential event so I cannot see how they could go ahead unless all the nominees sit in one room? Even then there’d be more than 100 of them.

      • Yes outdoors could be an option but logistically hard, time to get inventive (depending how the next few weeks play out regarding rules) but they could do it over 3 stages, do all the drama Awards first, change over the all the tables etc, do reality and entertainment, then news and sport and edit it for tv.

    • As the story indicates, it’s a question around timing. As it is still some months off there’s no urgency to decide. They will make that call when necessary. If things then are like they are now then it won’t ignore advice and no way networks would send talent / staff. I felt the post would be helpful given we usually have voting open by now.

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