Australian Survivor pushes 10 ahead of ABC, Seven.

Ratings: Australian Survivor finishes on high. Seven relegated to fourth for the night. Nine wins.

Australian Survivor has helped 10 to snatch second place for the evening.

With ABC’s strong Monday line-up, Seven was relegated to fourth overall.

The bulk of the grand final drew 878,000, which was a season high. It rose to 944,000 for the moment David Genat was named as winner (also topping 2 demos), with the Reunion at 625,000.

That was down slightly on Pia Miranda’s win (923,000 / 1.04m) last year but at a totally different time of year.

However it still wasn’t enough to halt Married at First Sight, by the same production company, at 1.12m. 7:30 (842,000), Australian Story (691,000) and Border Security (386,000) all followed.

ABC News (978,000) won against A Current Affair (935,000, a 2020 high) and The Latest (606,000).

Later Media Watch was 766,000 then Four Corners (761,000), Nine News Special (644,000) and 9-1-1 (299,000).

Nine network won Monday with 30.2% then 10 22.0%, ABC 21.1%, Seven 20.6% and SBS 6.1%.

Nine News was 1.21m / 1.18m for Nine. -another 2020 high. Hot Seat was 595,000 / 382,000. Footy Classified was 122,000 in 3 cities and Botched was 120,000 in 2.

The Project pulled 646,000 / 392,000 for 10. 10 News First was 555,000 / 328,000.

Q&A was high at 505,000 for ABC. The Drum tallied 259,000.

Seven News (1.26m / 1.24m) was #1 for Seven. The Chase drew 655,000 / 421,000. A Seven News special was 232,000 in 4 cities.

On SBS it was  SBS World News (199,000), Michael Mosley: Addicted To Painkillers? (147,000), Planet Expedition (131,000),  Michael Mosley: A History Of Surgery (116,000) and Mastermind (90,000).

Bluey again topped multichannels at 277,000.

Sunrise: 376,000
Today: 284,000
News Breakfast: 172,000 / 106,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 30 March 2020.

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  1. Expect you’re watching these figures closer than most (as you always do ~ hence why posts like this are consistently posted daily), is there much for us to interpret from the data? Are Ten an ABC’s figures indicative of a more consistent audience, with Seven’s audience maybe being more transient? Morning Show rates (where there’s the presumption that where people switch shows off for the night correlated to morning show figures) haven’t necessarily aligned here have they?
    No leading questions ~~ just super interested on your read of the climate since you’re perhaps the most informed.

    1. Hi, News & Current Affairs are up across the board. Breakfast TV is up due to news and more people at home. 10 is up on Monday because Survivor reached a pinnacle and stretched until 10:30 at the same time as Seven was without much local content of note.

  2. I watched three movies back to back to back on SBS World Movies. The one at 9.30pm was Frances Ha and was the start of a week of films focusing on Adam Driver. Not a bad movie but Adam is in maybe 20 minutes max of the film so a strange choice to start with.

    Disturbia was great because I haven’t watched a creepy movie like that for quite some time and it totally transported me to a different world for a few hours.

    1. That crap that just goes round and round in circles with recycled storylines and rehashed character types? I’m so sick of all the heavy focus on all those ‘sexy’ males that’s enough to make me vomit. It’s so refreshing to see something different at 7:00 that actually provides us with really good facts and insights about what is going on at the moment in the world. In a different style to the main 6:00 bulletin that is. H&A’s time in that slot has well and truly past its used by date…

      1. H&A is lagging in ratings and needs to become a 7plus exclusive streaming show where it already gets lots of viewers anyway. The Latest could air at 7-7.30pm Monday to Thursday especially during these times where reliable news is so important.

  3. Watched mediawatch last night and was gobsmacked when the host said that you could buy 7 network for only $140 million, not that I have that sort of money lying around but he said that it was a 40th of what it was worth only a few years ago, at least I think that is what he said as I had a few glasses of wine by then.

  4. It was never planned for it to remain in that timeslot. I agree that it’s a good show though, so good to see Mel Doyle again. I don’t watch it regularly though because I’m limiting my exposure due to news overload.

        1. I wouldn’t bet on it. Doesn’t do well in demos, drops 600k from lead in.
          Home and Away pulls the same figures, then grows on consolidated, does better in demos, and pulls 100k online.

          David has also noted 7pm starts for House Rules next week, then Home and Away returns.

          1. Well if people aren’t watching H&A live so to speak, surely there’s something else that could be done about that!! Make it a streaming exclusive so people can watch it when they want if that is what is indeed happening here. It would also be more expensive than The Latest to produce and is getting similar overnights. Keep The Latest where it is and make it the same length as H&A

  5. Shame more people aren’t watching the terrific product that is The Latest each night. I’m really enjoying it and will be disappointed to see it go from 7:00 just because others aren’t willing to stray from their precious ACA or The Project!! It is so informative and has the potential to be really good, maybe if they just cut it back to 30 minutes though. Instead it’s going to suffer the same fate as many of Seven’s shows these days and be shoved around because not enough people want to try it and see how good it is

    1. Several reasons people may not be watching The Latest. Firstly the ABC news and 7.30 program has always offered the best in news and current affairs and they have been rating really well, and I have been told that ACA has really lifted it’s game since the corona virus outbreak began.

        1. Might also be what happens when they don’t have any other quality programming. I actually have never heard of it, probably because I haven’t tuned into Seven for several years. I guess it’s not advertised anywhere else?

    2. Really? You are enjoying another news programme when there is so much news on already about the same thing over and over again? Yes good to be informed of new information but when it’s a rehash of what was said earlier during the day we don’t need it as we are all home and watching the news on various resources anyway.
      Would have been nice to have normal entertainment on including home and away. Obviously when the pm talks that’s going to be breaking news and interrupt things which it should but that doesn’t mean that normal tv shows should be off the air when in these trying times we need the entertainment.
      Thank god for Neighbours.
      Home and away back April 13.

      1. The other news programs on other channels are absolute crap. I wouldn’t care if they disappear. The Latest provides the best, most extensive coverage for me with excellent quality interviews reporting facts not fear. Not to mention that I like they are utilizing Mel who is probably the most compassionate news presenter out there. As I keep saying, if you want entertainment there are streaming services out there. They can’t show news programs and they are what is driving all the entertainment away from FTA TV

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