Axed: V-Wars, October Faction.

Netflix has cancelled two US series, V-Wars and October Faction.

Vampire series V-Wars starred Ian Somerhalder as a scientist racing against a killer disease. It premiered in December but ends at a single season.

Somerhalder was also a producer, telling TV Tonight, “I know that we can turn this show into not only a watercooler show, but into a very relevant, very controversial and very gripping streaming show. We don’t have the confines of network television. We can do whatever the hell we want. I want it to be raw and I want to be grounded. And I’m going to fight tooth and nail with my producing partners together to make sure that we make this happen.”

Sci-fi series October Faction starred Tamara Taylor and J.C. MacKenzie as a married couple who also work together as monster hunters.

It debuted in January but also ends at 1 season.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


  1. V-Wars could have been made for NBC it was so bland, this Vampire story had a prosaic predictability about it and Ian Somerlander eyes glared at the camera once too often, giving the impression the show was designed exclusively to highlight him.
    I suspect that Netflix are going through a financial review at the moment, as some of their shows renewed in the past probably would have had only one season too if V-Wars is used as a comparison.
    Netflix is looking for more bang for it’s buck, hopefully this wont mean that quality will suffer or worse still, more reality TV, or actual events themed shows start appearing.

  2. I had V-Wars on my list of potential shows, but probably won’t bother now. Netflix is cancelling so many shows after 1 season that the message they’re now putting across is that you might as well not bother with any new content because it’s likely going to be cancelled anyway. I’m finding I much prefer Amazon Prime these days.

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