Bachelor in Paradise: promo

10 has revealed its first look at season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise, which is expected to follow Australian Survivor.

Returning cast include Timm, Ciarran, Jamie (all Angie Kent season), Abbie and Brittany (both Matt Agnew season).

An airdate is yet to be confirmed.

Our chosen, still single-and-ready-to-mingle hopefuls made a name for themselves across five seasons of The Bachelor Australia and The Bachelorette Australia. This time, their romantic journey comes with a side of Paradise.

And they had better strap themselves in – the turbulence won’t stop when they disembark the plane. Cue the romance, scandal, betrayal, spilled tea and for three couples, true love.

As the wheels touch down on the idyllic island, it’s the lovable, long-haired larrikin Timm, who is the first to arrive. Although he didn’t get the fairy tale ending he hoped for, Timm won the hearts of women across Australia and is hoping to find a lady to laugh with in Paradise. Also taking a second chance on love are the fabulously-British, bare-bottomed, Ciarran, and laser-focused Jamie, also from Angie’s season.

Runner-up from Matt Agnew’s season, Abbie, is back with a mended heart and her sights are set firmly on Ciarran. And after a devastating shock finale, Brittany from Nick Cummin’s season of The Bachelor Australia, is resilient and ready for her next chapter.

Our saucy singles will embark on picturesque island dates, outrageous cocktail parties, fiery rose ceremonies and for the first time ever in Bachelor In Paradise Australia history, the introduction of the explosive Bula Banquet dinner parties.

There really is no better place to fall in love than Paradise.


  1. TasTVcameraman

    As always if you do not like a show, simply do not watch it. In fact now I watch Nine for one show, Seven for nothing and Ten, ABC and SBS and Netflix and Tubi for everything else.

  2. Oh, thank god, there is still good news in this world! Can’t wait for the usual nonsense. So glad to see Abbie is going to be on the island, as well as Ciarran, and Timm, too. Fantastic! It’s more than I could have hoped for, cast-wise, already.

  3. Im interested to see if this plays wed/thurs with masterchef sun – mon. Strange for 10 to be able to have such overlaps. Last few years theyve had some gaps between shows due to competition.

    • This will clearly be after Masterchef – Masterchef is already scheduled for Easter Monday (The 13th of April) and this seems to be after that because of the little promos.

  4. Clearly these narcissistic, self-absorbed, desperate, attention seeking wannabes haven’t had enough of their 15 seconds of fame. Can’t believe they are allowed to be given more exposure. All for their social media. All these reality shows are so vile and disgusting

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