Big Brother in lockdown over coronavirus

The Big Brother house been locked down (?) as a precautionary measure due to a crew member being exposed to someone who tested positive to the coronavirus pandemic.

An Endemol Shine Australia spokesperson told Seven News: “We have been made aware that a Big Brother crew member has been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. The crew member is currently feeling well and showing no symptoms of the virus, however, is being tested and is now self-isolating.”

As a precaution, the site is currently in lockdown pending testing and further advice.

“We continue to work within all Federal and State guidelines and will always make the health, safety and well-being of our cast and crew our number one priority. Housemates have been brought up to date with the current situation,” the spokesperson said.

Housemates were also told of the worldwide pandemic last week.


  1. After all the criticism of prerecording months before airing. It has probably turned out for the better. If it were to be filmed in real time/ live in a few months surely it wouldn’t of happened at all.

  2. In other Big Brother news, aside from the importance and concern of the impact of the virus which would be the paramount issue, the denial of reports regarding the cameras not filming during an eviction that I read by 7NEWS says that some of the human-operated cameras failed to record, though the in-house cameras were filming throughout the eviction. There was no mention in the denial article I read of what was reported as to a housemate returning to the house after an eviction to fake an eviction reaction.

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