Bluey timeshifting hits 2020 high

Kid-power makes Timeshifting numbers for Bluey simply sensational.

While primetime viewing has been flocking to News, kids have been hooked on new Bluey episodes and voting with their remotes.

The show returned on March 17 to a whopping 458,000 viewers in its morning screening, which saw it land in the Top 20 overnights. An evening replay drew another 276,000.

But it is the Timeshifted numbers which are eye-watering with another 582,000 viewers watching in the following 7 days (most of them for the evening episode Timeshifted).

That makes the ABC KIDS show a Timeshifted record for 2020. And the numbers are set to go higher still across 28 Day Timeshifting.

Believe it or not, it isn’t even a record for the show, with a December episode “Veranda Santa” drawing a massive 751,000 in Timeshifted numbers.

Who says kids don’t watch TV anymore?

Timeshifted: Tuesday 17 March 2020

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  1. Bluey has since broken its own 28-day timeshifting record, with episode 5 on March 21 adding a whopping 1.272 million in timeshifted numbers, more than 520,000 than the Verandah Santa episode. The mid-season finale on April 11 also set a new 7-day timeshifting record with an increase of 671,000.

  2. Kids and adults alike – i actually love watching this with my little girl, very entertaining show and there’s something for everyone to enjoy, we watch it reguarly on iview.

  3. Kids love this show, our friend’s daughter watched the the first episodes of series two multiple times in that week. Last August she had a Bluey themed birthday party, but because the show was so new, there was no merchandise, so her mum had to make all the Bluey themed cake toppers and decorations herself with the help of a colour printer and a Cricut machine.

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