Bosch: trailer

Sixth season should air in Australia on SBS.

A trailer has been released for the sixth season of Bosch, due in the US in mid April.

This should screen first in Australia on SBS and later on Amazon Prime Video, but dates have not yet been announced.

A seventh season still to come will be the last.

When domestic terrorists threaten the fate of Los Angeles, Harry Bosch must save the city in the highest stakes season to date.

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    1. I wrote a few articles about last year’s roll-out… never seen anything like it. Amazon started it same as US but then yanked it off. They ‘forgot’ SBS has AU premiere rights. They had to wait for SBS to screen it before it then returned. I couldn’t get a straight answer, which is why I remember it!

      1. Yes I sat down to watch on Amazon after reading your article and wondered why it wasn’t available, then saw everyone’s posts, it was crazy!
        Found my post from last year that SBS replayed s4 in June before s5 in July. Pretty sure it was added to On Demand earlier but can’t find the info.

        1. I recorded Episode 1 season 5 on 5 September. I think July was when it showed on SBS on Demand. I don’t understand why SBS still has it when it seems the whole world except Australia gets the new season in April. Surely there are enough Prime members in Oz now. This has been a 6 year frustration.

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