David wins Australian Survivor 2020

Self-proclaimed ‘Golden God,’ model David Genat, has won Australian Survivor: All Stars, pocketing $500,000 for his killer game.

Genat defeated barrister Sharn Coombes and AFLW player Moana Hope for the 2020 title, after a season of devious moves.

He triumphed in the final challenge, a gruelling endurance test, precariously perched on narrow pedestals in lapping ocean waves. It required an uncomfortable physical position of all three, with both Moana then Sharn slipping off, as family members watched on.

In the final Tribal Council both women made their best case to be saved, with both pointing out David had promised to take them to the end. But despite close ties, he voted Moana out.

In the jury pitch Sharn’s case was built on being the only contestant to have lasted 100 days across two seasons, and a strategy of playing two alliances. David had found multiple idols and made big moves, whilst forging stronger social ties than his previous season.

In the reunion host Jonathan LaPaglia was in LA on satellite where he read the votes with David as winner. Osher Gunsberg hosted the contestant Q&A from a Sydney studio, with Sharn & Moana in Melbourne.

The series has been largely successful for 10 most notably in demographics, but its next season has been put on hold.

Like most shows, both in reality and drama, Australian Survivor has come up against a challenge it can’t outwit, outlast and outplay -at least for now.

Fans will be hoping it has an immunity idol up its sleeve it is ready to play soon…


  1. Agree, Sharn spoke like she was actually in a serious court case addressing the jury. Whereas Dave was a bit more outgoing in his pitch and not as bland.

    Dave also had all the evidence to back up his game and a deserved winner in the end. It would have been good to see him go up against Mo . May have made it more interesting because once he took Sharn we all knew he was the winner.

    But we didn’t get to see the votes at the end. I wanted to see who the one person was that voted for Sharn. I bet it was Harry.

  2. Congratulations to David, even though I wanted Sharn or Moana to win. I really hope there is another season of Australian Survivor soon and I think filming somewhere in Australia would be a great idea.

  3. Congratulations to Dave. Well deserved.
    His gameplay blew everyone else out of the water – no one else came close to him.
    Highly entertaining and funny as well, not to mention very pretty to look at.
    Really hope to see more of the Golden God on our screens sometime soon.

  4. Last night felt like one of the quickest episodes ever of Australian Survivor! I got fairly bored when the two female contestants were moaning on who should he pick, I knew he was going to win! I didn’t even watch the reunion except for the announcement then quickly went back to watching American Idol.
    Congrats to David ok will this season, he played very well!
    And David, from TVT; thank you for not posting the winners article EST last night!

  5. I kinda felt when Sharn did her pitch to the jury, she went into barrister mode and it was off putting. I understand that is her career, but it just put me off her.

  6. mateo_mathieu

    This season as bad as Redemption Island (the season Boston Rob won). Boring and predictable. The editing this season was really terrible. I mean, way too obvious.

    • The music was terrible too. I wonder if ch10 buys 20 sec sound bites and just puts them on cycle since they often didn’t match what was actually happening. I still say the producers interferred with the voting. As for Dave being the best player ever – yeah, right mate, dream on.

      • roaringdave

        Was this an April Fool? The music is great and Dave was a deserved winner. No-one would ever rig the voting in this show. They aren’t calling a 1800 number!

  7. That was the Survivor Aus winner I’ve been waiting for. I can’t stop grinning. Just for the moment, I feel all’s right with the world. Such a fun season, thank you Survivor Gods and Ten.

  8. Great finale. Congratulations to David for playing a truly All Stars game, even if I am a bit disappointed he didn’t take Mo to the final two (how adorable is her relationship with her sister!). Lee made me cry all over again and it was a shame some of the other players weren’t able to attend the reunion (for obvious reasons). I do feel for Sharn for having made it to the final twice without a win – that will definitely smart for some time! – but she should still be proud. Utterly brilliant season.

  9. Well David certainly surprised me with winning the last challenge. His resolve was empowering. So happy he won. I have been searching this morning to try and find out who voted for who in the final jury vote. I know only one person voted for Sharn, but wondering who it was? Many conflicting answers to this question online. Going to miss this show badly!

  10. Such a deserving winner. I never thought he could win, believing he was such a threat. He played an amazing game and loved watching every minute of his game play. TVT viewers criticised 10 for having two seasons in the pipeline…but now they did outwit ‘some’ of the competition by at least having one season being able to air during this year if uncertainty in television. Congratulations again David. Brilliant season!

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