Emmy Awards remain on track

America’s Primetime Emmy Awards remain locked onto a September 20 broadcast in the US, but there have been changes to the eligibility periods for shows.

It follows concerns in the US about the annual lobbying in the lead-up to the awards -which entails panels, sending mailers, stunts and expensive outdoor, print, radio and TV advertising.

The TV Academy is suspending For Your Consideration events this season whether with “a live audience, streaming or recorded for posting on a viewing platform.”

The Hollywood Reporter notes some actors and showrunners were put off by the suggestion of even planning campaign activities.

The first round of voting has moved from June 15 to July 2, and eligible episodes can now air through the end of June. But there are also shows such as Fargo and Nicole Kidman The Undoing which have had to push back their premiere dates and forgo eligibility.

Emmy voting also does not require face-to-face meetings. DVD screeners were recently banned by the TV Academy, so all eligible projects are made available to stream online.

Nominations will be announced on July 28 ahead of the planned ceremony on September 20.

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