Gone: Law & Order: SVU

10 has made some changes to Thursdays and Fridays which sees Law & Order: SVU yanked from the schedule.

From Thursday it has decided to replay Hughesy We Have a Problem at 9:30pm after Gogglebox, no doubt to give its local show further exposure from a hefty lead-in.

This means Law & Order: SVU is now out of schedule. The show was recently renewed in the US for a further 3 seasons, so 10 would be wise not to damage the brand here.

A Hughesy replay which was screening at 8:30 Fridays is out as a result, leaving two episodes of The Graham Norton Show in play from 7:30 (new + repeat).



  1. No matter the channel, free to air TV or Foxtel et al, they all treat their viewers with total disregard in their programming – one never knows whether or not a program is going to be on or whether it has been “bumped”! And the number of TBAs that appear in the guides is absolutely disgusting – why bother to even consult them?!

  2. OMG channel 10 how could you? You just began a new episode and tugged it off it is your best overseas show of all and you’ve been showing it all of the 21 years and I’ve loved it. Why the hell now especially for HUghsey to be on 4 times a week. SVU is still raining higher than Hughsey has been since it came back putting it on constantly isn’t going to help. First you completely got rid of ‘This is Us’ now SVU. You have always been my fave channel but you’re really straining the relationship. At least put it on one of your other channels oh that’s right you won’t even do that with THis is Us. Stop doing this to your loyal audience please!!

  3. Its one thing to take it off to air something new, but a rerun? Crazy. How about move SVU to Wednesdays after Bull instead of airing a repeat of Bull after the new ep? I think Bull & SVU would work well together. Given that SVU is in its 21st season shouldn’t 10 be trying to promote it like that? Even if it may be US history making, so not us. Its still an incredible achievement.

  4. Ten have been very inconsistent with their dramas. Last year I’m sure SVU premiered during our spring/ US Fall. This it was not until February. Some years it’s in Jan. Hopefully after Googlebox ends it will get an uninterupted run.

  5. Is there any reason to watch a new episode of Hughesy on a Monday now, as its repeated more often during the week, on the main channel?

  6. I’d like Law&Order SVU to be shown on Saturday nights when there is very little on offer for me. More people may watch it, and the diehard fans probably record it anyway.

  7. So disappointing. How can we watch the new episodes? Just looked at iTunes and it only has eps already played on tv available. Are more recent episodes likely to become available on iTunes anytime soon?

    • Unfortunately, no. Even if you buy a season pass, as I have, you only get doled out the episodes after each one is shown on channel 10. If 10 takes months to finish showing the season, you have to wait months, too. Very frustrating.

  8. Given that Ch10 has demonstrated so little interest in SVU not only recently but for the last few years, they should do the right thing and cede it over to Foxtel (Universal Channel) where the show will treated with far more respect as far as regular scheduling goes.

  9. Are you serious? That stupid show replaces this? They wonder why viewers decide to watch shows by other means. Its disappointing. Hughesy is not even remotely funny. Even move it to a multi channel or something. Australian television is in such a sad state of affairs.

    • Except they do that also….

      Look after the last couple of weeks of SVU’s numbers and its low consolidated figures, I’m not surprised they are trying something, but another Hughesy Encore? He’s on 5 out of 7 nights across the 10 schedule.

  10. And networks wonder why audiences are abanodoning them for VOD. Personally I don’t watch SVU on 10 anymore either. I get it on DVD but a staple series shouldnt be knocked out for a Hughsey repeat. I really hope 7 partners with NBC to bring Peacock down under.

  11. The Graham Norton Show is now on repeats with the show taking a short break in UK. It will return in early April, with Daniel Craig on the first episode to promote his James Bond film No Time to Die.

  12. I gave up watching SVU on 10 as I never knew when it was a new ep or a repeat. It has to be the worst treated show on the network.

    • NCIS has gotton a raw deal at times over the years as well. I do hope they re-shedule Law and Order soon. especially with 3 new seasons now available. Typical Channel 10. The shows that have done them proud for many years is always treated the worst. Lower ratings doesn’t mean all is lost or there is no interest.

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