Holey Moley shuts down filming for Seven

US crew member reportedly in contact with someone who has tested positive to COVID-19 prompts shutdown for Seven.

Much-anticipated Seven series Holey Moley has been shutdown outside Los Angeles.

A US-based crew member has reportedly told producers Eureka he had recently been in contact with someone who has since tested positive to COVID-19.

The series shooting on a ranch outside LA has some 400 – 500 people, including  Brian ‘BT’ Taylor, Olympia Valance and US actor /comedian Rob Riggle.

The shutdown is a major blow to Seven’s 2020 scheduling plans.

On Monday Taylor told Triple M Hot Breakfast he expected to miss the first 3 weeks of the AFL season due to the 14 day self-isolation rule.

“If someone here gets coronavirus then it’s all over for us…. that will require more than 14 days isolation I’m led to believe. I’m really concerned, and I’m really fearing go back into LA airport to get out of this place in, I think about 7 days.”

At the time he added, “No-one in our group has shown any symptoms at all. We feel we’re pretty well isolated in this hotel. There are 64 reality contestants in this group … trapped in a hotel with the production staff. It is absolutely bizarre and really, really weird.”

Greg Norman was reportedly due to arrive today and US player Stephen Curry (who appears on the US version) was also set to join.

Seven is already facing upheaval from Australia’s Got Talent and Around the World in 80 Days and potentially AFL & Olympics, while rating and company shares are down.

Seven and Eureka have been contacted for comment.

Source: TV Blackbox

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  1. I wonder how much the course costs to build? Obviously a lot if it was worth flying all those people to the US and putting them in a hotel for weeks. I wonder if the show will go ahead at all now, we certainly won’t see it until 2020. What a disaster 2020 is for Seven although they might salivate at the prospect of footy and cricket running simultaneously towards the end of the year.

    1. It begs the question. Why? Last year they sent a lot of their celebrities to the US for a very bad Dirty Dancing show, which stunk to high heaven. I really wonder what the executives are on when these shows are pitched to them

    2. If we judge how the BBL has been going that doesn’t bode well and channel 9 have the T20 World cup from October that’s of course if it goes ahead and the IOC keeps advising it’s all systems go for the Olympics ,I am sure 7 executives are very nervous.

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