How Seven & Nine schedules adjust without football

Both AFL and NRL have left Seven and Nine with scheduling holes to fill.

In a nutshell the shows that they had in split-markets will now screen across the board, so it’s not that big a challenge for them.

The real challenge is in the revenue and ratings that are affected -while the position for their respective panel shows is unclear (right now there’s a fair bait to dissect).


7pm The Latest
8pm Highway Patrol
8:30pm The Front Bar (Melb / Ade / Per)
8:30pm First Dates rpt (Syd / Bris)
9:30pm TBA (Melb / Ade / Per)
9:40pm TBA (Syd / Bris)
10:30pm First Dates rpt (Melb / Ade / Per)
10:40pm The Front Bar (Syd / Bris)

7pm The Latest
7:30pm Pooch Perfect
9pm Movie: Father Figures

7pm The Latest
8pm Better Homes & Gardens
9pm Die Hard: With A Vengeance rpt

7pm The Latest
8pm Movie: Thor rpt
10:10pm The Good Doctor rpt


7:30pm Married At First Sight
9pm Nine News special
10pm Footy Classified (Melb / Ade / Per)
10pm New Amsterdam (Syd / Bris)

7:30pm RBT
8:30pm Nine News Special
9:15pm Psychopath with Piers Morgan rpt
10:15pm Australian Crime Stories rpt

7:30pm Escape to the Chateau
8:30pm Nine News special
9:15pm Movie: Deep Impact rpt

7pm A Current Affair
7:30pm Back to the Future II rpt
10:10pm Nine News special


  1. If they were a bit creative they could still have a season that people would watch because its unpredictable.
    They have film of the matches from previous years. If they pick the identical match at random with the same teams from each week then no one would know how the season ends until it ends. You wouldn’t even know the result of an individual match unless you had a good memory.

  2. Seven should bring back Criminal Minds and play the remainder of the show out – hopefully no one replies and tells me Seven played the show out on 7Flix.

    • Promo on Seven last night said they’re doing just that! 7mate 7:30pm tomorrow night “footy vault” or something. They’re showing Round 14 from 2009, considered one of the all time greatest (if not greatest) home and away games ever, between that year’s eventual Grand Finalists Geelong and St Kilda.

  3. Maybe time to try cutting some one off deals with netflix and see if netflix will allow some shows to air on FTA for a season as a kind of promotion almost.

  4. It’ll get harder over winter to get new content due to the summer break in the US/UK, but I expect there are plenty of shows they can air which have already aired in the country of origin, and perhaps they can build drama series again after destroying it for reality and sport, by shafting it to late night or the shelf. Also bring back the Sunday night movie.

      • What it means to the game, how fans will cope, salary cuts for players, whether clubs can survive… I doubt they can do it every week but there’s enough for now. I would also expect Front Bar to be nimble, stay on air for their audience and remain with new topics beyond AFL.

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