Living Black: COVID-19 special

Karla Grant report on her own mother and the challenges Indigenous communities face with the virus.

Not much has been written (or broadcast) on how COVID-19 is impacting indigenous communities but on Monday NITV current affairs program, Living Black sees Karla Grant report on her own mother.

The world has paused amidst a global pandemic. In Australia, NSW has been the hardest hit state with the greatest number of confirmed cases.

Residing in Macquarie Park, Sydney, lives an Arrernte lady in her 70s named Elizabeth Visser. Her nursing home has seen several diagnoses of the virus amongst residents and staff, with the number still rising. Three deaths within the complex have left Visser’s family concerned for her life.

Visser is Karla Grant’s mother. Karla Grant reveals in this episode that her mother’s survival depends on total isolation from outsiders, as well as having zero contact with her family who could be unwitting transmitters of this killer virus.

Unable to see her mother indefinitely, Karla investigates the outbreak of the virus and its impact.

From how the inner-city suburb of Redfern is protecting itself, to how the AMS (Aboriginal Medical Service) has responded to this crisis, Karla makes it her mission to investigate what Indigenous communities in the inner-city of Sydney fear most.

8.30pm on Monday 30 March on NITV.

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