Locky confirmed as 10’s next Bachelor

10 has turned to eliminated Australian Survivor contestant Locklan “Locky” Gilbert for its next Bachelor.

The 30 year old cave diver, base jumper, mountaineer and athlete, was eliminated from Australian Survivor last night, with The Bachelor marking his third reality season for 10.

Describing himself as a hopeless romantic who wears his heart on his sleeve, he is said to be looking for a driven and outdoorsy woman with a wicked sense of adventure.

“I really want to find love. I’m pretty content with my life at the moment. I go on these crazy adventures, but I’d love someone to share the memories with,” he said.

“I’ve got best friends, but I want to find that one best friend that I can spend the rest of my life with. This is an amazing opportunity to hopefully find someone special at the end.”

Hosted by Osher Günsberg, The Bachelor Australia is produced by Warner Bros. International Television Production and due later this year.


  1. white orchid

    Ten have made a bad call here. Locky wasn’t Good television the first time around on Survivor and should never have been given a second go at Survivor, let alone be given the bachelor gig.

  2. I’m clearly in a minority coz I really like Locky. He’s the kind of bloke I like to hang out with (and is a fellow climber so chalky fist bumps there!). But while he is my kind of mate (and pure hotness to boot!), The Bachelor is not my kind of show at all and I’m disappointed to see him slum it there. Besides. Isn’t the concept of The Bachelor meant to be the kind of fantasy catch or prince charming the average girl has no chance of romancing? There’s plenty of blokes like Locky available on Tinder.

  3. I liked Locky when he was on survivor last time but this time around I found him arrogant, rude and unlikable.

    But on the other side of that good luck to him. I hope he finds what he is looking for in a woman and is successful like past bachelors & bachelorettes have been,

  4. stuffinabox

    why are they making contestants on game shows cause thats all these shows are , into tv stars another reason reality tv is killing tv .

  5. I thought I would hold off editorialising in the post to see what readers thought. But this is an announcement that hasn’t grabbed me. Locky may be handsome and he’s good in Survivor challenges, but his personality on the show hasn’t especially cut through. Not sure if 10 did testing on him but it’s clear I’m not alone in low interest.

    • I was convinced they would go with John tbh. He’s got far more personality and is more of a knockabout Aussie sort of guy that could mine plenty from.
      Locky really isn’t anyone worth crowing home about. I actually loathed his ego and attitude (largely in his first series) to the point of despising him.

      • Can’t understand why they picked Lachie (except maybe for his looks)…John would have been fun and worth watching but he probably had the common sense to say no thanks.

  6. Locky was a mean machine in the challenges but pretty quiet other times, most probably due to editing. Not sure why people are hating on him, I think he will make a good Bachelor. I would rather see a bit of muscle than a pretty boy.

  7. Looks ok to me. Boring on Survivor (haven’t watched) doesn’t necessarily mean boring Bach. Lot of big personalities on Survivor. I’ll give he a go!

    • He’s from Perth and so is Brooke so who knows!
      I think he’s the best looking Aussie Bachelor yet. I don’t watch Survivor so haven’t seen him before.

      • Oh didn’t realise there was a Brooke from Survivor. I thought people were talking about Brooke Blurton from the Bachelor/in Paradise before.

  8. Oh, you’re joking. We finally get him off Survivor – did not want him back on my screen, let alone in this role. What is wrong with their casting department? If they had to recycle a Survivor, I’d rather see almost anyone but him as the Bachelor. I guess he’s…tall?

  9. Good looking but didn’t add much to Aus. Survivor. Found him quite boring , with not much personality and also full of himself.
    But his team mate, Dave, on the other hand, would make for a very entertaining Bachelor, if he was single….

    • Totally agree with you Angela!!
      Locklan “Locky” (shouldn’t that be “Lachlan” by the way?; hate when people change the correct spelling of names!!) is so full of himself – hopefully we see another side of him on “The Bachelor”?

      • Doubt it, robbie. “Locky” comes across as very smug and self satisfied.Think we’ll just see more of the same.
        Ha, yes Tarzan would make a great mature age bachelor. Think he would actually scrub up alright underneath that big beard.
        “Mullet man” John would also be an excellent choice – far better than Locky. Very cute, as well as being the quintessential knockabout Aussie larrikin. Funny as well. Think he’s single.

  10. This is sooo dissapointing. Im glad he went on survivor last night. This reminds me of when ally got the bachelorette first season i watched none of. Wont be tuning into this either zero interest in him finding love! Bad choice!

  11. It’s really sad , the level of recycling of reality tv stars happening now on commercial television. While they continue to take up air time, fresh new Australian talent remains hidden or clocking up views on other platforms which further diminished free to air audience numbers. It’s a vicious cycle.

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