Network 10: #InThisTogether

Network 10 has launched their ’Together’ campaigns which focus on sharing health, safety and well-being messages during COVID-19.

ViacomCBS Australia and New Zealand chief content officer and EVP, Beverley McGarvey, said: “Our brands reach and influence many, many Australians every day. In times like these, we have a clear duty to help however we can. The ‘Together’ campaigns are part of our contribution to educating and helping Australians during these uncertain times.

“Now is the time for every person and every business – in Australia and around the world – to work together and help each other.”

Network 10’s #InThisTogether aligns with a similar campaign launched by CBS in the United States which features network talent recording videos, some from their own homes, providing reassurance and promoting togetherness during COVID-19. Talent featured in the promo include Carrie Bickmore, Lisa Wilkinson, Jonathan LaPaglia, Osher Günsberg, Miguel Maestre and Sarah Harris.

ViacomCBS Networks Australia have also released MTV’s #AloneTogether and Nickelodeon’s #KidsTogether campaigns, including:

  • Self-shot videos and live takeovers from celebrity and music talent across the brands.
  • Daily engagement through series’ social accounts, encouraging conversation and among fans.
  • Original content, including animated and graphics-based, focused on health and social distancing.

The #AloneTogether campaign, which was developed by ViacomCBS Entertainment & Youth brands in partnership with the The Ad Council in the U.S., has also been tailored and supported by Pluto TV in markets around the world, and CBS and CBS All-Access, Awesomeness, and Showtime in the U.S.


  1. I’m loving these messages/support campaigns the Networks are doing. Most of the personalities are so familiar in our lives that they sometimes feel like friends.
    The clip of KAK cuddled up with her dog Digger is just beautiful 💙

  2. Wonder if any of the ViacomCBS marketing staff are kicking themselves for not taking an extra beat and instead landing on #TogetherAlone to produce a sense of community despite isolation rather than leading with isolation.

    Also hadn’t realised how wordy Beverley’s title has become in the wake of the international ViacomCBS restructure ~ but good for her.

  3. This crap makes me want to break my TV. The likes of Wilkinson and Hughsey certainly won’t suffer in the same way those who live week to week will. Until I see something more than empty platitudes, I think they need to shut up and stop pretending they give a rats about people who can’t feed themselves or their kids.

          • Hi David, just wanted to say I really appreciate your comment but I have to say I also feel Pip’s frustration in that this campaign feels a bit like ‘oh the other network has done one, we’d better too’. They all feel a little patronising and when on constant repeat they also make me groan. Cheers.

          • Sure, there will be a range of views (just as there is about the news v entertainment debate), but there are ways to express as you’ve demonstrated, and why a week ago I recommended some consideration. I’m sure everyone means well including the talent.

    • I disagree with previous comments here,
      they’re not saying they’re on struggle street. They’re saying life has changed as much for them as it has for us. They’re not claiming to be worse off. This was far from ‘patronising’ or ‘pretending’

      Refreshing to see a promo thats not about the world ending though.
      Nine & Seven have those covered

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