1. This is what you won’t her from our sensational news services.
    These are the facts.
    There have been 6 deaths in Australia so far and the youngest has been 77 years old.
    According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, ‘In Australia, influenza on average causes 3,500 deaths, about 18,000 hospitalisations and 300,000 GP consultations each year.’
    News just loves hyping things up.
    Remember Y2K?

    • Yes I too am very disappointed in the news coverage. Seems all hype and panic and very short on facts and statistics to help keep perspective.

  2. Mr DK I agree with being nice. Thank you. It’s not only the industry affected; today found out another production I worked with closely as a contractor. It’s a hard industry if you don’t have a permanent gig (am one of those). These guys are usually looking for another one as they start one as it’s usually a 3 mth tenure.
    But no matter what – let us support eachother and help out when we can. A casual/ contractor/freelance role are always appreciated and we don’t take it as a grain of salt – but appreciate every, every job we do. Sometimes industries don’t give us a choice what job/role we do – but we are passionate and try to make people’s lives happier.

  3. I think sport like the AFL and NRL may be the outlet many people are looking for and this is where TV or Fox come to the rescue players want to play for this very same reason “Their Fans”

  4. Such a devastating development. So many people are being affected by this and it in my
    opinion is far worse than any terrorist attack or event we’ve spent years obsessing over or planning for. This virus is not just a mass killer of people, it’s killing their mental health, their livelihoods and there’s no sign relief.

  5. Watching the news this morning and not trying to be clever but at the rate all airlines are cancelling flights including domestic, TAR Australia might become just that, as in a car race around Australia as the way things are going that will be the only mode of long distance travel available.

  6. As a deaf viewer, i am very concerned by lack of captioning in all channels, and will impact on deaf people’s mental health if they are isolated.

    Live captioning is still not good, with mistakes made and slow showing.

  7. I wonder if last year’s failed Changing Rooms will ever make the light of day. Desperate times, call for desperate measures. In all seriousness, I think our networks should be looking to US\UK\NZ\Canada content which they can quickly get rights to and fill possible gaps in the schedule. Between lifestyle content, one-off documentaries, and short run series, we should have FTA being able to find a solution.

  8. TheMighty_SC

    Thanks for the article DK. I know that this month has been a very turbulent time with the COVID-19 pandemic, but safety is the number 1 priority. Many shows have gone audience free without any clapping.

  9. Putting aside News content… I can’t think of hardly any TV production that wouldn’t involve either large groups of people, or plenty of travel – often both.
    The only productions relatively safe right now are those that have already filmed and are in post-production.

    There’s going to be a big gap in delivery of all types of TV production between now and the rest of the year. Those productions will all have staff on contracts that need honouring (to a greater or lesser extent) despite there being no end product – all of which means some productions will go over budget to ensure completion, and some will never be completed.

    The next 12 months will see this play out and see a lot of hard conversations take place around who pays… producers, broadcasters, insurance companies??? I don’t think anyone knows yet.

  10. Maybe add The Amazing Race Australia to the list of 10 shows that cannot go on because… well they travel a lot.
    But yeah I don’t know how Australian TV will go on with this law – and I hope that COVID-19 goes away soon because it is causing so much havoc! :/

  11. So whats the impact to the flagship 6pm news? I’m assuming for example, if Melbourne’s Peter M or a crew member contracts the virus the entire studio is out? Therefor playout comes from either a secondary crew + studio or from interstate? I wonder how many studios there are for these circumstances. I ask this question, as I read yesterday and entire NAB building was cleared due to a staff member possibly positive to it. Either way, what a challenging few months ahead

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