Next Australian Survivor postponed

Next 10 season due to film in April is the latest to be postponed.

Australian Survivor is the latest show to face upheaval due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Another 2020 season, due to begin filming in Fiji from April, has been postponed.

A Network 10 spokesperson said in a statement, “Following the Australian Government’s latest advice on overseas travel, plus discussions with the Fijian Government, production of the new season of Australian Survivor has been postponed.

“While this news is disappointing, the health and safety of everyone involved with the show is our number one priority. We will update everyone on when production will start as soon as we can.”

Host Jonathan LaPaglia is already out for the Australian Survivor: Reunion, due to conclude the current season, wth Osher Gunsberg stepping in -LaPaglia will appear from LA.

Like all networks, 10’s production slate is being heavily impacted by coronavirus measures including changes to The Amazing Race Australia and Neighbours.

While 10 is yet to clarify any production change to Dancing with the Stars, The Bachelor, Five Bedrooms, all currently in production, or upcoming seasons of The Bachelorette and The Masked Singer, it is remaining upbeat.

Today the government announced a closure of the borders to all non-residents coming to Australia, effective 9pm Friday March 20. It follows a 14 day self-isolation rule for all international arrivals.

The spokesperson added, “…for those viewers who are concerned that they won’t have anything to watch if they are self-isolating, 10 has plenty of shows coming up to keep you entertained including MasterChef Australia: Back To Win, Bachelor In Paradise, The Secret She Keeps, How To Stay Married and Drunk History, just to name a few.”

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  1. Hang on – isn’t Bachelor in Paradise filmed overseas? Will they have to find another place to film it this year that is domestic?
    Also, why don’t they try to film The Masked Singer Live like Dancing with The Stars, and they can introduce Live Voting instead of having a Studio Audience. That would make more sense (even though they will have to make a few cuts with having the Judges guesses appear as images but thats fine).

  2. I guess if they film later, Survivor could close out the year with Masked Singer. Perhaps they could turn pilot week into pilot month trying out several news style shows, that should buy them some time

    1. A change of that size would take time. I agree a beach is a beach in Survivor land, but Fiji had some production infrastructure and financial incentives. There are probably contracts that should be honoured. 10 won’t want to lose the show so let’s give them some time to revisit.

  3. No mention of HYBPA? even though it is one of my favourite shows on TV and the only thing I watch on FTA I kinda hope it gets delayed instead of going on without an audience.

    It’s meant to be May it returns right?

  4. Understandable decision but I’m gonna miss my end of year survivor fix. Hoping the next season isn’t loaded with twists for twists sake. The amount of twists that have been in All Stars has given the feeling that producers are doing them to manipulate the result. Last nights was ridiculous and pointless.

    1. Production usually use twists to have a non-elimination episode and therefore have more episodes with a cast of 24. Although this is the second twist that attempted to have a non-elimination ep that didn’t work (including Harry’s pre-merge advantage).

    2. Totally agree, the tribal council ‘twist’ was ridiculous. It was a gamble for the player who took it on (and the right gamble to do) but I felt it was twisting for the sake of twisting and didn’t really work for me. However it did also leave no doubt that the player who won that challenge force of nature who is a good bet to take out the whole game.

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