Renewed: Producers, 10, reach settlement over The Living Room

EXCLUSIVE: Network 10 has reached a settlement with The Living Room producers over the use of its name, paving the way for the show to return in 2020.

The agreement means 10 has been able to avoid plans for a new-look lifestyle show with hosts Amanda Keller, Chris Brown, Miguel Maestre and Barry DuBois.

But in a telling sign of negotiations, producers WTFN will no longer produce the series.

WTFN said in a statement to TV Tonight, “WTFN has reached a commercial settlement with Network 10 to sell the name and trademark forThe Living Room.

“WTFN is retaining its rights in the format and all international rights to the program and the format.”

Last November Network 10 said in a statement, “The Living Room will not return in 2020,” but noted that the hosts would be back. Industry speculation suggested the network was looking to take the series in-house in what was considered a cost-cutting decision.

Yesterday 10 was coy on specifics.  A spokesperson told TV Tonight, “Late last year we announced Amanda, Barry, Miguel and Chris would be returning to Friday nights on 10 with a brand new entertainment lifestyle show.

“Amanda, Barry, Miguel and Chris are a family, and whenever they are together there’s a strong sense of home. Therefore, the show will retain its original name –  The Living Room.”

While the return is a win for viewers, it appears more brutal for WTFN, which produced the series for 8 seasons, winning 4 Logie Awards.

However the company will retain its rights in the format and all international rights to the program and the format.

WTFN CEO Daryl Talbot said “When we created The Living Room, we reinvigorated the lifestyle TV genre on Australian TV. Obviously, Australians loved the fresh approach to information about food, renovation and travel.

“We appreciate the opportunity 10 gave us to develop an original concept that has become an iconic brand.”

The deal also enables WTFN’s distribution company, FRED to sell completed episodes to networks around the world. FRED recently sold several seasons to CBS in the USA, which is expected to start airing in the next few months.

Chief Operating Officer of FRED, Roger Vanderspikken, added, “We have the ability to adapt the format to suit the viewing habits of different regions around the world.

“Our bible has been devised with more than 300 episodes of experience, and thousands of stories behind it, so it has massive appeal.”

A return date for The Living Room is yet to be confirmed.


  1. joanne grorud

    Great news – love this show – I don’t understand why ratings are even relevant unless they have changed things. All the channels put everything you want to watch at the same time or inconvenient time. I usually use catch up tv for all of my viewing.

  2. Maev....Sydney

    Sitting here in the wee small hours….I am thinking we may be waiting until next year now….given social distancing and more importantly….Barry’s health….?

  3. Maev....Sydney

    I am so happy….I was feeling really lost …just last night….I do not understand the intricacies of what has happened….in fact…very confused old lady…..but just happy to watch the gang again……
    I don’t watch BH&G and never will….I do not care for the way they treat their people…

  4. The Living Room was (asterisk) a good show, but it lost its way a bit the past year or so and ratings reflected that. Now it’s been off air for months, I’m worried it might not recover, especially with two heritage lifestyle shows already in the same timeslot!

  5. So happy it’s back. And format? what format.
    The Living Room is about Amanda and Co!! Miss them (well except they’re on other shows haha – but there’s something about the four of them together.)
    And please 10… no Hot or Not.. so 90s, so lame!

  6. Yes, so happy for 10…hope jt’ll be as good as WTFN’s production though. They’ll have to get new producers who have some good experience in this and also make sure that the current experts are willing to stay: especially with Jamie Durie with 7 now.

  7. Great news, although the show will have an uphill battle when it eventually returns as BHG & Gardening Australia already returned weeks ago

  8. Aussiecam58

    I feel the name.of the program is probably it’s biggest issue. Its more than a living room in its concept. Its broader than a single room. I know it’s just a name but a name can be just as important as the show itself.

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